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Pysol 40.gif
PySol Fan Club Edition displaying a deal of Black Hole
Developer(s) Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer
Stable release 4.82 / September 2, 2003; 12 years ago (2003-09-02)
Development status Discontinued in 2004[1]
Written in Python and Tk
Platform Cross-platform
Type Computer game
License GNU General Public License

PySol is an open source (GPLed) and platform independent computer game that incorporates around 1,000 solitaire games, including card games and other types of single-player games.[2] It is written in the Python programming language.[3] PySol was originated by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer,[citation needed] and it uses the Tk GUI toolkit.

While development of PySol officially ceased in 2004,[1] several forks, including PySolitaire, UltraSol, PySol Fan Club Edition (also known as “PySolFC”) and FlowerSol, continue to be developed. PySolFC now contains over 1,000 games.[4]

The games in PySol are classified according to several criteria for better usability. The basic division is as follows:


  • Hint system
  • Multiple undo/redo
  • Bookmarks
  • Demo mode showing how to play each game
  • Random game choice
  • Saving the status of games.
  • Won/lost game statistics
  • Choice of cardsets and table tiles
  • Several assist play and automatic play options
  • Sound server[6]


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