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Pysol 40.gif
PySol Fan Club Edition displaying a deal of Black Hole
PySol Fan Club Edition displaying a deal of Black Hole
Developer(s)Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer
Initial release1998
Stable release
2.4.0 / June 23, 2018; 9 months ago (2018-06-23)
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Written inPython and Tk
TypeComputer game
LicenseGNU General Public License

PySol is an open-source (GPL) and platform independent computer game that incorporates around 1,000 solitaire games, including card games and other types of single-player games.[3] The game achieved broad usage in the open-source gaming domain and was ported to other platforms, including Windows, Mac and the OpenPandora gaming handheld.[4]


PySol was originated by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer in 1998.[5] It is written in the Python programming language,[6] and it uses the Tk GUI toolkit. While development of the original PySol officially ceased in 2004,[1] several forks, including PySolitaire, UltraSol, FlowerSol, and PySol Fan Club Edition (also known as “PySolFC”) continue to be developed by the game's community.

Supported games[edit]

PySol and its variants contain hundreds of games,[2] therefore the games are classified according to several criteria for better usability. The following game classes are supported by PySol: Baker's Dozen, Beleaguered Castle, Canfield, Fan, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Golf, Gypsy, Klondike, Montana, Napoleon, Numerica, Spider, Terrace, Yukon.[7]


PySol features a hint system, multiple undo/redo, bookmarks and a demo mode showing how to play each game. Also, loss/win statistics are taken for every player and there are several assist play and automatic play options. If a sound server is installed, it also supports sound effects and background music.[8]

Reception and usage[edit]

PySolFC was noted by several news outlets positively as a "tremendous collection of Solitaire games, going well beyond the usual mix"[9][7] and was downloaded from Sourceforge alone 290,000 times between 2006 and May 2017.[10] PySolFC is also included in many Linux distributions like Ubuntu,[11] Fedora,[12] OpenSuse,[13] Debian,[14] and also ported to other platforms such as Microsoft Windows,[9] Mac,[15] or the OpenPandora gaming handheld.[4]

In December 2000 CNN placed PySol among the "Top 10 Linux games for the holidays".[16] PySol received in 2003 The Linux Game Tome's Best Free Cards/Board/Gambling Game award.[17]

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