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Qiandeng town (千灯镇 literally Town of Thousand Lamps) is a picturesque water town in Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is located 15 kilometers south of Kunshan city, bordering the East side with Shanghai Qingpu District. Qiandeng town has an area of 84 square kilometers, a population of about 130,000 people.


Qiandeng town was formerly Qiandun, (千墩 one thousand pier) since Ming Dynasty, it was renamed Qiandun village in 1910, established as a township in 1950, and changed to its present name in 2003.

Qiandeng has a rich cultural heritage, it was the native place of Gu Jian, founder of Kunqu. It was also the birthplace famous Ming dynasty writer Gu Yanwu.

Qiandeng town is now a national historical and cultural town in China, also national 4A grade scenic destination.

Gu Jian Museum[edit]

Gu Jian museum to ommemorate the founder of Kunqu, is located at the west bank of Qiandeng river.

Former residence of Gu Yanwu[edit]

The former residence of Gu Yanwu was built by Gu Yanwu's grand father, it was destroyed by Japanese pirates, later rebuilt. It is a Ming Dynasty style building complex with formal sitting room, dining room, study and a garden. Gu Yanwu's grave is located at a quiet corner of the Gu Garden

Thousand Lamp Museum[edit]

A unique exhibition with the town's namesake is Qiandeng Guan(Thousand Lamp Museum), with more than one thousand lamps, dated as early as Neolithic Age to modern times, spanning more than five thousand years.


Coordinates: 31°16′12″N 121°00′00″E / 31.2700°N 120.9999°E / 31.2700; 120.9999