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Qube Cinema
Private company
Industry Display technology
Founded 2004
Products Digital cinema servers, Integrated Media Blocks, Mastering Products, Distribution Products
Parent Real Image Media Technologies
Website www.qubecinema.com

Qube Cinema is a California corporation that manufactures digital cinema servers, integrated media blocks (IMBs) and Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation software. With the transformation of the majority of theatres from film-based to digital cinema, Qube is one of the companies that provides servers and IMBs to commercial and institutional theatres. Qube Cinema was the first to demonstrate that 4K 3D digital cinema could be streamed from a single server to multiple synchronized projectors. Qube's servers are currently used in Giant Screen theatres that have made the switch from 70 mm film to digital 3D. Their digital cinema mastering products convert still images, Flash animations, and QuickTime movies into a Digital Cinema Package that can then be streamed through a server and into a projector.

Qube Cinema currently has digital cinema equipment in over 2,000 theatres throughout India.[1]

Qube is a subsidiary of Real Image Media Technologies.


Qube Cinema was founded in 2004 by Senthil Kumar and Jayendra Panchapakesan to develop products for digital cinema, as a subsidiary of Real Image Media Technologies, in India.[2]

In January 2007, Qube Cinema pioneered the exhibition of Indian movies in North America. Qube showed the first digital screenings of Indian films in the U.S. with exhibitions of Mani Ratnam’s "Guru" in theaters in Chicago and Detroit.[2]

In May 2011, Qube introduced Digital Cinema Package (DCP) mastering software that could be used by independent filmmakers to generate DCI-compliant DCPs.[3]

In August 2011, Qube provided servers and technical support for the fourth year to the Venice Film Festival.[4]

In September 2011, Qube introduced QubeMaster Xpress 2, for digital cinema mastering.[5] Xpress 2 allows users to create 4K and 3D DCPs.

In March 2011, Qube introduced a 4K integrated media block (IMB) that is Ethernet-based, allowing exhibitors to have their storage servers within or outside of their theater.[6] This IMB allows for central storage in multiplex theatres and is designed to work with any digital projection system that supports an IMB.

Starting in 2012, Qube Cinema began installing its d-cinema servers and IMBs in Giant Screen theatres. In January 2012, Qube held the first public demonstration of 4K 3D streaming from a single server when they installed a d-cinema system at the Moody Gardens MG 3D Theater in Galveston, Texas. [7][8][9] The transition of the Moody Gardens theater from 70 mm film to digital 3D used a Barco NV projector and Qube XP-I server and Xi IMBs. This installation was followed, in March 2012, by one at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which became the first commercial installation of the Qube Cinema single-server 4K 3D system when it upgraded the museum's Giant Screen Theatre from 70 mm film to digital cinema.[10] And, in October, Qube Cinema partnered with Global Immersion to install its d-cinema system at the Giant Screen theatre of the Peoria Riverfront Museum.[11]

In May 2012, Qube introduced server software capable of synchronizing multiple IMBs, making 4K 3D projection possible for theatre owners.[12]

In August 2013, Qube partnered with D3D Cinema to install its single-server True 4K 3D system at the newly renovated Air Force Museum Theater at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.[13]

In January 2014, Qube Cinema released software updates that added support for Dolby Atmos surround sound [14] as well as Barco Auro 11.1 sound[15] to its flagship XP-I and XP-D servers.


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