Rémilly–Saarbrücken railway

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Rémilly–Saarbrücken railway
System SNCF / Deutsche Bahn
Status Operational
Locale France (Lorraine)
Germany (Saarland)
Termini Gare de Rémilly
Saarbrücken Hauptbahnhof
Opened 1851-1852
Owner RFF / Deutsche Bahn
Operator(s) SNCF / Deutsche Bahn
Line length 55 km (34 mi)
Number of tracks Double track[2]
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification 25 kV 50 Hz[1]
Route map
from Metz
0.0 Rémilly
LGV Est from Paris
Baudrecourt junction
to Strasbourg
future LGV Est to Strasbourg
6.8 Herny
17.2 Faulquemont
21.8 Teting
28.0 Saint-Avold
34.5 Hombourg-Haut
freight line from Thionville
38.9 Béning
to Sarreguemines
47.2 Forbach
49.8 Stiring-Wendel
51.4 France-Germany
from Bous
River Saar
Line to Trier
to Neunkirchen
56.7 Saarbrücken Hbf
Line to Bingen (Rhein)
Line to Mannheim
to Sarreguemines

The railway from Rémilly to Saarbrücken is a French and German 55-kilometre long railway line, that connects the French Lorraine region to the German city Saarbrücken. The railway was opened between 1851 and 1852.[3] It is part of the international railway connection between Paris and Frankfurt am Main.


The line branches off the Metz–Réding railway at Rémilly, and leaves it in a northeasterly direction. It crosses the industrial area around Saint-Avold and Forbach. It passes the German border, crosses the river Saar and joins the line from Trier to Saarbrücken after about 55 km.

Main stations[edit]

The main stations on the Rémilly–Saarbrücken railway are:


The Rémilly–Saarbrücken railway is used by the following passenger services:


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