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R286 road shield}}

R286 road
In Co. Leitrim near the N16
Route information
Length23.4 km[1][2] (14.5 mi)
Major junctions
FromR870 Regional Route Shield Ireland.png R870 at Teeling Street, Sligo
  • IRL N16.svg N16 at Molloway Hill in Sligo
  • R278 Regional Route Shield Ireland.png R278 at Farnacardy, Sligo
  • Enter County Leitrim
  • R288 Regional Route Shield Ireland.png R288 at Sriff
  • R278 Regional Route Shield Ireland.png R278 at Cornalaghta
ToIRL N16.svg N16 at Pollboy
Road network

The R286 road is a regional road in Ireland. It is largely a loop road from the N16 linking Sligo and north County Leitrim.[2]

In Sligo, the road passes Sligo University Hospital on The Mall.[1] Leaving Sligo, the road goes east via Hazelwood, St. Angela's College and Colgagh Lough before reaching the north shore of Lough Gill and entering County Leitrim. The road passes Parke's Castle before turning northeast to end at the N16.[1][3] The R286 is 23.4 km (14.5 mi) long.[1]

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