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Morey's Piers & Beachfront Waterparks
Previously known as Wilbert Morey, Bill Morey
Location3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood & North Wildwood, New Jersey, U.S.
Coordinates38°59′08″N 74°48′34″W / 38.98557°N 74.80932°W / 38.98557; -74.80932
OwnerWilbert Morey II, Jack Morey
SloganAmerica's Boardwalk
Operating seasonApril – October

Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks is a seaside amusement park located on The Wildwoods' boardwalk in Wildwood and North Wildwood, New Jersey. The park has been family owned and operated since 1969 and is currently run by 2nd generation Morey Brothers, Will and Jack. Morey’s Piers has more than 100 rides and attractions across its three amusement piers and two beachfront waterparks.

Great White


The Great Nor'easter

Surfside Pier[edit]

Surfside Pier is located at 25th Avenue, in North Wildwood. It was the first of the three piers, opening in 1969 with a giant fiberglass slide that cost 25 cents to ride. The slide was closed at the end of the 2010 season and refurbished as a waterslide at the pier's water park. Surfside Pier includes the Zoom Phloom, AtmosFEAR, The Great Nor'easter, and Runaway Tram.

Mariner's Pier[edit]

Giant Wheel

Mariner's Pier, located at Schellenger Avenue in Wildwood, is like a traditional amusement park, with classics like the Super Scooters, Teacups, Musik Express, Ignis Fatuus, Sea Serpent and the Giant Wheel, a 156-foot (47.5 m) tall Ferris wheel built by Vekoma, which opened in 1985.[1] In the early mornings of the summer, breakfast can be eaten on the wheel.[2][3] In June 2011, 11-year-old Abiah Jones died after falling from the Giant Wheel. Since then, a "no single riders" policy was created for when guests ride the ferris wheel to ensure the safety of the guests.

Adventure Pier[edit]

Adventure Pier, located at Spencer Avenue, includes Grand Prix Raceway and the famous wooden coaster The Great White, the Skyscraper ride, a The Spring Shot ride, a Screamin' Swing, a Skycoaster, a maze, helicopter tours, and various shops and eateries.

Ocean Oasis Water Park + Beach Club[edit]

Ocean Oasis Water Park + Beach Club is on the beach behind Surfside Pier. It includes water slides, a lazy river, a hot tub with bar access and a kids area.

Raging Waters Water Park[edit]

Behind Mariner’s Landing is Raging Waters Water Park. It includes two unique kiddie play areas at Shipwreck Shoals and Camp KidTastrophe along with speed slides, a lazy river, Shotgun Falls and an activity pool full of challenges.


Surfside Pier[edit]

In 1969, Bill and Will Morey Sr. purchased two lots of boardwalk in North Wildwood at 25th and 26th streets. They called it Morey's Pier and opened that summer with a giant fiberglass slide called the Wipe Out. Guests paid 25 cents to slide down the ride in burlap sacks. Sometime in the mid-2000s, what was referred to as Morey’s Pier was rebranded Surfside Pier by management and continues to go by that name to this day.

Mariner’s Pier[edit]

Giant Wheel at night

The Moreys extended their operation in 1976 when they purchased Marine Pier and renamed it Mariner’s Landing. At the time of purchase, the pier was fire-damaged and seven of the existing 12 rides on the pier had to be thrown away. However, the pier kept growing. In 1984, the Moreys purchased the Sea Serpent roller coaster. The late-2010s brought new attractions to the pier, such as a permanent biergarten, a new family friendly rollercoaster called “The Wild Whizzer” and the renaming of Mariner’s Landing to Mariner’s Pier. The new branding is now being used by Morey’s Pier Management.

Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks[edit]

In 1985, waterslides were installed on Mariner’s Landing and called Raging Waters waterpark. The project was masterminded by designer and architect Fred Langford. A second Raging Waters was built on Surfside Pier in 1988. This park was overhauled and relaunched as Ocean Oasis Water Park & Beach Club in 2006 and features Bonsai Beach, Endless River and various new waterslides.

Adventure Pier[edit]

Fun Pier was purchased and renamed Wild Wheels. The Morey's described it as an "interactive amusement center" with active participation by customers. This pier became home to The Great White, the Skyscraper ride, a The Spring Shot ride, a Screamin' Swing, a Skycoaster, a maze, batting cages, and the Grand Prix Raceway. In 2006/2007, in conjunction with the new Surfside Pier branding at 26th Avenue, Wild Wheels became Adventure Pier. In 2012, the Skyscraper was relocated to the pier from the old Hunt’s Pier, replacing two rides. The pier began removing smaller rides off the pier around this time as well, such as the Snake Slide, Apache Helicopters and a Carousel. In 2016, the Chambers of Checkers Maze was moved and rebranded to make way for a larger Grand Prix Raceway that will now occupy most of the back pier. In 2020, Morey's announced a gateway project that includes the removal of boat tag, the existing Kohr Brothers' custard stand, and the old "SkyRide" station. In the place of these structures, multiple recycled shipping containers will be retrofitted and home to multiple new eating establishments, including a Curley's Fries and a new Kohr Brothers building. No dates were given, but it is expected to be completed in 2021 or 2022.

The Old Hunt's Pier[edit]

Hunt's Pier was also eventually purchased for more rides and attractions. Hunt's Pier went defunct in 1990 and became Conko's Party Pier in 1991, Ocean Pier in 1993-1994, and was leased by the Catanosos in 1995 and called Atlantic Pier with kiddie rides on the front and the rest of the pier closed off with a white wall, and 1996-1998 Dinosaur Beach with the Golden Nugget Mine Rescue, Long Neck River Log Flume, and Raptor Rapids as the three surviving rides from Hunt's Pier to be reused for Dinosaur Beach. Dinosaur Beach permanently closed Sept. 1998 and was then used for maintenance, storage, and tram-car parking with go-kart rides. The Golden Nugget remained on Hunt's Pier until 2009, when it was relocated to Knoebels Amusement Resort and reopened as the Black Diamond. As of 2021, no announcements have been made to add any attractions, and the pier is instead home to various shopping and eating establishments, a maintenance and storage facility, and a "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"-themed mirror maze.

Rides and attractions[edit]

Surfside Pier[edit]

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Description
AtmosFear 2005 Larson Drop Tower
Balloon Race unknown Zamperla Balloon Race
Carousel unknown Bertazzon
Convoy 2018

Unknown (Mariner's Landing)

Formerly located at Mariner's Landing.
Cycle Jump unknown
Cygnus X-1 2008 Wisdom Ind. Gravitron
Dante's Dungeon 2005 (as Dante's Dungeon)

1981 (as Dante's Inferno)


Anton Schwarzkopf

Dark Ride Originally known as Dante's Inferno
Doo Wopper 2005

1998 (Adventure Pier)

Zamperla Zig Zag Coaster Relocated to Surfside Pier in 2005
The Great Nor'easter 1995 Vekoma SLC Re-tracked 2016-2017
It 2011 KMG Afterburner/Fire Ball
Jump Around 2005 Zamperla Jump Around
Happy Feet 2012 Zamperla Happy Swing
Kang'A Bounce 2012 Zamperla Removed for the 2015 season, before returning in 2016
Kong 2015 Larson Flying Scooters Revival of the 1970s ride of the same name.
Magic Bikes 2008 Zamperla Magic Bikes
Rock and Roll 2001 Bertazzon
Rockin' Tug 2004 Zamperla Rockin' Tug
Runaway Tram 2019 Zierer Force Replaced the Flitzer
Tilt-A-Whirl unknown Sellner
Tiny Tea Party unknown S&W Amusements
Wacky Whip unknown Zamperla Speedway Formerly located at Adventure Pier
Zoom Phloom 1985 Hopkins Rides Log Plume

Mariner's Landing[edit]

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Description
Airplanes unknown Zamperla Mini Jet
Baby Venice unknown SBF Visa Group
Flying Galleons 1997 Zamperla Suspension Monorail
Balloon Race unknown Zamperla Balloon Wheel
Carousel unknown Bertazzon
Crazy Bus unknown Zamperla Crazy Bus
Giant Wheel 1985 Vekoma
Ghost Ship 2010 Morey's Piers Walkthrough
Hangry Seagull unknown S&S - Sansei Technologies Frog Hopper Formerly Jack in The Box
Henekee unknown Henekee
Kiddie Swings unknown Bertazzon
Kite Flyer 2002 Zamperla Kite Flyer
Moby Dick 2000 Wisdom Ind. Genesis
Musik Express unknown Bertazzon Musik Express
Pirates of the Wildwoods 2004

1992 (as Dark River)

Reverchon Ind. Dark Ride Formerly Dark River
Pink Elephants unknown Venture Rides
Riptide 2012 Chance Rides Pirate Ship/Pharaoh's Fury Replaced Sea Dragon
Rollie's Coaster 1999 Pinfari Zyklon
Sea Serpent 1984 Vekoma Boomerang The first Vekoma Boomerang in the United States
Seagull Cycles 1997 Zamperla
Sunny's Lookout Lighthouse 2005 Heege
Super Scooters 2009 Bertazzon Bumper Cars
Tea Cups unknown MACK Rides TeaCup Ride
Waltzer unknown Empire Amusements
Wave Swinger 2014 Zierer Wave Swinger
Wild Whizzer 2018 SBF Visa Group Spinning Coaster

Adventure Pier[edit]

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Description
East Coast Helicopter Tours 2014
Grand Prix Raceway 1993 Creative Karts
Great White 1996 Custom Coasters Inc. Wooden Coaster
Screamin' Swing 2005 S&S Power Screamin' Swing
SkyCoaster 1994 Skycoaster Inc. Skycoaster
Skyscraper 2012

2000 (Surfside Pier)

Gravity Works
Spring Shot 2002 Funtime Slingshot

Former rides[edit]

Name Opened Closed Manufacturer Type Description
Breakdance 1985 2005 Huss Breakdance
Carousel (Adventure Pier) 1996 2015 Chance Rides 28-Foot Carousel
Castle Dracula 1977 2002 Nickels Walkthrough Destroyed by fire
City Jet 1975 1984 Schwarzkopf City Jet Destroyed by fire
Condor 1988 2011 Huss Condor Replaced by KONG
Curse of the Mummy 3D 2000 2011 replaced by Skyscraper
Flitzer 1983 2018 Zierer Flitzer Replaced by Runaway Tram
Can Am Raceway 1993 2018 Creative Karts
Dante's Inferno 1981 2005 Bertazzon

Anton Schwarzkopf

Dark Ride Renovated into Dante's Dungeon
Dark River 1992 2003 Reverchon Dark Ride Replaced by the Pirates of Wildwood
Enterprise 1977 unknown
Fireball Express 2002 2004 Replaced by Sea Dragon
Gravitron 1983 2007 Wisdom Ind. Gravitron The first Gravitron ride ever built, replaced by Cygnus X-1
Haunted House 1972 1984 Jim DeMusz/Fred Mahana Walkthrough
In Concert 1975 unknown
Inverter 2000 2009 Chance Rides Inverter
Jersey Junkyard 1996 2011 Hollingsworth Dark Ride replaced by Skyscraper
Jet Star 1973 1999 Schwarzkopf Jet Star
Jumbo Jet 1975 1987 Schwarzkopf Jet Star 3
Katapult 1985 late 1980's Schwarzkopf Katapult
King Kong 1971 1980
Luna's Lost Labyrinth 2016 2021 Minotaur Adventures
Maelstrom 2000 2018 KMG Spin Out Replaced by a basketball game
Petersburg Schlittenfahrt 1985 unknown
Poseidon Adventure 1974 unknown
RC-48 2000 2004 Pinfari RC48 Sold to Wade Shows
Sea Dragon 2005 2011 Pirate Ship Replaced by Riptide following a 2011 incident where the mast broke off
Seal Flume 1990 2008 Zamperla North Pole Destroyed in the 2008 Mariner's Landing fire
Shark Bite (Surfside Pier) 1999 2018 Zamperla Pounce and Bounce
Shark Bite (Adventure Pier) unknown 2013 S&S Power
Sky Ride 1997 2011 Chairlift (3-CLF)
SkyCoaster (Surfside Pier) unknown 2015 Skycoaster Inc. Skycoaster Replaced by the Kang'A Bounce
Star Trek: Journey to the Planet of the Apes 1975 unknown
The Storm 1999 unknown Moser Super Loop on Top
Tilt-A-Whirl (Adventure Pier) unknown 2011 Sellner
Tornado unknown 2016 Wisdom Ind. Tornado replaced by Luna's Lost Labyrinth
Wave Swinger (Original) 1977 2013 Replaced by an upgraded version of the same ride in 2014
Wipeout 1969 2010 Mat Slides Refurbished as a water slide and relocated to the water park.
Zipper 1970 unknown Chance Rides Zipper
Zyclone 1988 1989 Pinfari Zyklon
Zyklon 1967-1969 1999 Pinfari Zyklon Replaced by Rollie's Coaster
Wild Mouse 1957 1966-1968 B.A. Schiff & Associates Wild Mouse
Boat Tag unknown 2022 Unknown Boat Tag Replaced by Curley's Fries & various other stands; sold to Malacari's Produce & Deli

Flitzer' was a steel roller coaster on the Surfside Pier in the amusement park Morey's Piers. The Flitzer was 1 of the 3 small coasters at Morey's Piers.[4] It opened in 1983 and was manufactured by Zierer in 1969. In 2018, it was announced that the Flitzer would close for good after September 23, 2018. Due to weather, the send off for the ride was postponed to September 30, 2018.[5] A roller coaster called Runaway Tram replaced the Flitzer in 2019. Three of the Flitzer's ride vehicles are now at Runaway Tram's entrance.


In the 2004-2005 winter the Flitzer was taken down to be refurbished. They also changed the theme of the ride from space themed to surf themed. The ride was also moved when the RC-48 was removed from the pier. The Doo Wopper and the Flitzer was put in place of the RC-48.

Other Flitzer coasters[edit]

Among several other installations of the Flitzer roller coaster, two existed at Playland's Castaway Cove in Ocean City and Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. Playland's Flitzer was initially sold to Deggeller Attractions but was later scrapped, and Jenkinson's Flitzer has been relocated to Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Ocean City, Maryland under the name Barracuda.[6] As of 2021, the only other permanent Flitzer model left in operation (in addition to Barracuda) worldwide is Speed Track at Rand Show in Johannesburg, South Africa.[7] Other surviving Flitzer models also operate in traveling fairs, including Racing and Indy Racer Coaster (Reithoffer Shows).

Cancelled rides[edit]

Name Intended Opening Date Manufacturer Type Description
Boardwalk Flyer 2013 Great Coasters International Wooden Coaster Would've crossed between Surfside Pier and the former Hunt's Pier.


The Great Nor'easter[edit]

In August 1995, a 36-year-old employee, Dallas White, was picking up trash in a fenced area beneath the ride and was struck in the head by a passenger's foot and killed. Shortly after this accident, Morey's Piers employed a new restricted section which prevents anyone underneath the ride while it is in motion.[8]

Sea Serpent[edit]

In June 1998, the Sea Serpent roller coaster suffered its first ever accident, injuring 14 of the 23 riders on board, some of whom were stranded upside down. According to Will Morey, chief executive officer of the Morey Organization, the accident was thought to have been due to a wheel coming off a rear axle, causing the coaster train to jerk to a stop midway through the ride, as it was looping backwards.[9]

Giant Wheel[edit]

On Friday June 3, 2011, 11-year-old Abiah Jones, a student at PleasanTech Academy Charter School in Pleasantville, New Jersey, died after falling between 100 and 150 feet from the Giant Wheel. She fell at about 12:30 p.m. and was pronounced dead at 1:14 p.m. at the Cape Regional Medical Center.[10]

Her parents, Twanda and Byron Jones, subsequently filed a lawsuit against the ride's operator.[11]

Investigators were unable to determine how the girl, who was riding alone, got out of the gondola. A report by the state Department of Community Affairs found the ride's restraints to be working properly and suggested that to get out of the car, a passenger probably would have had to stand. The report recommended that children be forbidden from riding the Ferris wheel alone.[11]


In July 2021, a 13-year-old girl from Weatherly, Pennsylvania was struck in the face by a seagull during the ride, but was not injured.[12]

Sea Dragon[edit]

On August 20, 2011, five people were injured as a result of the center mast on the Sea Dragon breaking. One person was sent to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries, while four others had minor injuries that were treated at the scene of the accident. The spokeswoman for Morey's Piers and Beachfront Waterparks did not answer questions from the media regarding the incident.[13]

For the 2012 season, the Sea Dragon has been replaced with a newer model of the same ride called Riptide.[14]

Zoom Phloom[edit]

On July 2, 2010, a child was severely injured on the ride when he had a seizure, which caused him to strike his head on the car he was riding in, making him completely unconscious. Shortly after, the Morey's Piers management forbade guests to ride Zoom Phloom alone.[15]


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Further reading[edit]

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