Zoom Phloom

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Zoom Phloom
Zoom Phloom Wildwood NJ.JPG
Morey's Piers
AreaSurside Pier
Cost$2.5 Million
Opening date1985
General statistics
TypeLog flume
ManufacturerHopkins Rides
Lift system2 conveyor lift hills
Height60 ft (18 m)
Capacity805 riders per hour
Duration7 minutes
Restraint styleNone

The Zoom Phloom is a log flume designed by Hopkins Rides. It goes up to 60 feet in the Wildwood Boardwalk. Zoom Phloom has two drops. One drop leading riders nder the Wildwood boardwalk.[1]

Second Hill on the Zoom Phloom


The Zoom Phloom was built in 1985 to compete with the Hunt's Pier's Log Flume. The popular log flume at Hunt's Pier convinced the Morey Brothers to build a Log Flume which they named Zoom Phloom.[2] The ride first appeared when the Jumbo Jet (Morey's Piers) was in its final years. The Zoom Phloom also had the Jet Star (Morey's Piers) behind it. When Morey's Piers wanted a new rollercoaster they had to find a rollercoaster that was very close to the other rides. The Zoom Phloom passes very close to The Great Nor'easter.[3]


The theme of the Zoom Phloom is a tropical themed ride. It has artificial Palm Trees, rocks, and waterfall. Under the boardwalk the ride plays the song "Under the Boardwalk" and has people sitting on the beach and a Sea Dragon smiling.[4]


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