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NGC 3582 is part of a large star-forming region in the Milky Way, called RCW 57. This picture was taken using the Wide Field Imager at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile.

The RCW Catalogue (Rodgers, Campbell, Whiteoak) is an astronomical catalog of -emission regions in the southern Milky Way, described in (Rodgers et al. 1960). It has 182 objects and includes many of the earlier Gum catalog (84 items) objects, and the later Caldwell catalogue included some RCW. There is also some overlap with the Sharpless catalog-2 (312 items), although it primarily covered the northern hemisphere, whereas the RCW and Gum primarily covered the southern.

The Catalogue was compiled by Alexander William Rodgers, Colin T. Campbell and John Bartlett Whiteoak, who led by Bart Bok, catalogued southern nebulae while working at the Mount Stromlo Observatory in Australia in the 1960s.


Some of RCW catalog items; click on image for image credit, most of which are either various amateur astronomers, the ESO, ESA, or NASA

RCW Name Images Names & Designations
RCW 34 RCW 34 The star forming cloud RCW 34.jpg Gum 19
RCW 36 RCW 36 RCW 36 in Infrared and X-ray.jpg Gum 20
RCW 38 RCW 38 The Young Stellar Cluster RCW 38 in X-ray.jpg RCW 38
RCW 49 RCW 49 Stellar nursery Gum 29 aka RCW 49.jpg Gum 29
RCW 57 RCW 57 Wide Field Imager view of the star formation region NGC 3582.jpg NGC 3582, The Torchbearer[1]
RCW 75 Stock 16 Gum 48a, Stock 16
RCW 86 RCW 86 ESO-RCW86.jpg RCW 86
RCW 88 RCW 88 Red Cocoon Harbours Young Stars.jpg RCW 88
RCW 106 RCW 106 The sky around the star formation region RCW 106.jpg
RCW 108 RCW 108 RCW 108 xray.jpg Gum 53
RCW 124 NGC 6302 NGC 6302 Hubble 2009.full.jpg Sh2-6, NGC 6302, Bug Nebula,

PK 349+01 1, Butterfly Nebula, RCW 124, Gum 60, Caldwell 69

RCW 127 NGC 6334 NGC 6334.jpg ESO 392-EN 009, Sharpless 8, RCW 127, Gum 64, NGC 6334
RCW 131 NGC 6357 EmissionNebula NGC6357.jpg Sh2-11, NGC 6357, RCW 131, Gum 66, War and Peace Nebula
RCW 146 Lagoon Nebula M8HunterWilson.jpg Sh2 25, RCW 146, Gum 72
RCW 147 Trifid Nebula Trifid.nebula.arp.750pix.jpg Sh2 30, M20, NGC 6514, RCW 147, Gum 76
RCW 160 Omega Nebula ESO-The Omega Nebula-phot-25a-09-fullres.jpg Omega Nebula, M17, NGC 6618, Swan Nebula, Sharpless 45, RCW 160, Gum 81
RCW 165 Eagle Nebula Eagle Nebula from ESO.jpg Sh2-49, Messier 16, NGC 6611, RCW 165, Gum 83
RCW 174 W 40 W40 (=Sh2-64).jpg Sh2-64


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