The Sleepover Club (TV series)

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The Sleepover Club
Sleepover logo.png
The Sleepover Club logo.
Starring Caitlin Stasey
Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Ashleigh Chisholm
Hannah Wang
Basia A'Hern
Morgan Griffin
Rachel Watson
Monique Williams
Katie Nazer-Hennings
Emmanuelle Bains
Lindsay Farris
Country of origin England
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Burberry Productions
Wark Clements
Rialto Films
Endemol Australia (Then branded as Southern Star Entertainment)
Original channel Nine Network
Original release 1 November 2002 – 7 March 2008

The Sleepover Club was an Australian live action series that was produced Andy Rowley for Wark Clements and Burberry Production in association with Rialto Films, with the assistance of the Pacific Film and Television Commission for ITV Network United Kingdom, Nickelodeon (2002–2009) and Pop Girl United Kingdom and the Nine Network Australia. It is distributed internationally by Southern Star Sales.[1]


Series one[edit]

Frankie with her three best friends Fliss, Kenny, and Lyndz and Rosie are part of the sleepover club, where each member holds sleepovers. The club five-members strong deals with every-day problems. The main antagonists are called the M&Ms, made up of three members (Matthew, Marco and Michael) who always try to interfere with the girls' lives. The club is also targeted by two posh girls Sara and Alana whom always try to join the club or disband it.

Main characters[edit]

  • Francesca "Frankie" Thomas (Caitlin Stasey) is a girl who dreams of being an actress. She is the leader of the Sleepover Club. Her best friend is Kenny. She can be quite bossy. Her favorite color is Purple. She is an only child who lives with her parents, and she longs for a sibling. She has a dog, Max, and secretly has a blanket she named Woozey. Her mother becomes pregnant in episode 23-The Price Of Success.
  • Rosie Cartwright (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) is an aspiring writer and journalist. She wants to take after her father as he is a journalist. She was the last girl to join the SOC, in episode 2. She is the smartest of the girls and can be quite brash. Her favorite color is Yellow. Her mother died and she lives with her father David and her brother Will. She has a crush on Lyndz's brother Tom.She is the "problem solver" of the group.
  • Felicity "Fliss" Sidebotham (Ashleigh Chisholm), is a young fashion enthusiast. She was known as the bubbly fashionista and also she has a crush on her fellow student Ryan Scott. Fliss's parents are divorced and she no longer sees her father. Her mother remarries in the last episode of Series One. She has a younger brother called Callum, who was bullied in one episode. He hates The Sleepover Club. Her favorite color is Pink. She can be shallow and self-centered.
  • Kendra "Kenny" Tan (Hannah Wang) is the athletic member of the club. She wishes to manage Manchester United F.C. when she is older. She takes part in all sorts of physical activities from soccer to athletics and is a fan of Manchester United F.C.. She lives with her sister, mother, father and grandmother. Her favorite color is Orange. In the book series her name was Laura McKenzie.
  • Lyndsey "Lyndz" Collins (Basia A'Hern) is considered to be the most laid back and nicest member of the group and she likes animals. It has been mentioned that when she is older, she wants to run a horse riding school as she is an avid rider. She has a fraternal twin brother, Michael who is one of the M&Ms and she also has an older brother, Tom. Her favorite color is Green.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Matthew McDougal (Ryan Corr) is the leader of the M&Ms, a group of boys. His mother is a friend of Fliss' mother, so they often see each other which provides a chance to spy on her and the club activities. He is also a friend of Fliss' younger brother, Callum. He secretly has a crush on Frankie.
  • Marco de Peiri (Stefan La Rosa) is the friendliest member, who sometimes gives away the boy's plans. Later, Marco has a growing interest in Fliss, and is secretly a nice guy.
  • Michael Collins (Blake Hampson) is also Lyndsey's twin brother. Michael also has occasional fleeting moments of goodness. He secretly has a crush on Rosie. He is apart of the M&Ms.
  • Sara (Annaleise Woods) is dedicated to disbanding the Sleepover Club. She is in the same class as Frankie and her friends. She is also known as Sara Tiara to the Sleepover Club members.
  • Alana (Ashleigh Brewer) is the lackey friend of Sara. The Sleepover Club members call her Alana Banana. She isn't really intelligent and agrees with whatever Sara says.
  • Ryan Scott (Craig Marriott) is Fliss's longtime crush. In Fliss's mind, Ryan is her future husband. She plans to have two children with him, Ryan Jr. and Ryanna. Towards the end of the season, he shows an interest in Kenny, who he trains with, and Fliss loses her interest in him. He is friends with Wolf and Dim.
  • Mr. Stephanopolous (Vince D'Amico) is the owner of the legendary Beach Hut Café. The SOC, the

M&Ms and Sara & Alana all hang out there. In one episode, he almost closes the Beach Hut for good, but the SOC saves it. He has a niece named Nina. The SOC calls him Mr. S. He is very funny and has a childlike nature.

Series two[edit]

Three years after Series 1, Frankie (now 16) is forced to move away from her home town after her father receives a job promotion, she takes with her the Sleepover club book. Due to complications, she stays with her cousin for a week. There she discovers her cousin Charlie struggling to balance her social life with her four best friends. She entrusts Charlie with a new sleepover club book as Charlie, Maddy, Tayla, Jess and Brooke form a sleepover club. The main antagonists are called "The Blockheads" consisting of Jason, Simon and Declan who with the aid of Krystal and Caitlyn try to meddle with the clubs affairs.

Main characters[edit]

  • Charlotte "Charlie" Anderson (Morgan Griffin) is the leader of the second generation of the Sleepover Club. Charlie's best friend has been Maddy since kindergarten. Charlie is an only child and lives with her two loving parents. She and Frankie are cousins. When she is older she wishes to become a journalist. It is implied that she has a crush on Jason. She was inspired by Frankie of Season One.
  • Madeline "Maddy" Leigh (Emmanuelle Bains) is the very competitive and sporty one of the group. Her main interests are basketball and surfing and she always wants to win. Maddy is also known to be very smart and good in science. She has been best friends with Charlie since Kindergarten. She was inspired by Kenny of Season One.
  • Tayla Kane (Rachel Watson) is not the smartest of the girls. She loves the colour pink. She is very fashion-conscious and always listens to her psychic phone pal Zodiac Zoey. She lives with her younger sister and her parents. In one episode, Tayla almost gets sent to an all girls school, St. Anne's. She was inspired by Fliss of Season One.
  • Brooke Webster (Katie Nazer-Hennings) enjoys photography and knows a lot about computers. She is very knowledgeable. She loves animals. She has a stepbrother named Simon who is one of the Blockheads. She was inspired by Lyndz of Season One. She and Jess are best friends.
  • Jessica "Jess" Philips (Monique Williams) is the artsy and shy one of the group. She is best friends with Brooke. She lives with her parents and older brother Zac. She was inspired by Rosie of Season One.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Jason Block (James Bell) is the brains of the Blockheads, and is always thinking of a plan to benefit himself. Jason is the enemy of the Sleepover Club. Jason and Charlie used to be best friends as kids because they are neighbors. He also has a crush on Charlie, but tries to hide it by irritating her and the rest of the Sleepover Club girls. Inspried by Matthew McDougal of season 1.
  • Simon Webster (Nathan Coenen) is the main deceiver out of the three as he always goes with his step sister, Brooke's, mind rather than Jason's. He gets the gossip from Brooke to relay to Jason. He's secretly interested in Tayla. Inspried by Michael Collins of season 1.
  • Declan (Shannon Lively) is Jason's third henchman. Not the smartest, mostly just tags along because its something to do. Inspried by Marco de Peiri of season 1.
  • Krystal Beasley (Julia O'Connor) is always trying to learn the Sleepover Clubs secrets and asks Caitlin to do so. Secretly everyone at school calls her 'Beastley'. She is also an only child and extremely spoilt. She is very bossy and rude, but can sometimes be an ally to the Sleepover Club girls to get revenge on the boys. Jason said that she thinks she's always important. Inspried by Sara of season 1.
  • Caitlin (Ruby Hall) is the loyal best friend of Krystal Beasley. Caitlin has a lovely personality, but is always being led astray by Krystal and is constantly doing her bidding. The Sleepover Club girls often pity Caitlin when Krystal's bossing her about with particular force.

Inspried by Alana of season 1.


Seasons Episodes First air date Last air date
1 26 1 November 2002 27 February 2004
2 26 3 November 2006 7 March 2008

Media and DVDs[edit]

Both seasons of The Sleepover Club have been released on DVD. Besides numerous volumes, the first season was released in 2007 and contains all 26 episodes of the first season, and the second season was released in August 2007 and contains all 26 episodes of the second season.

Title Region 2
release date
Region 4
release date
Episode(s) Distributor(s)
The Sleepover Club:
Series One
5 March 2007 (2007-03-05)[2] 8 January 2007 (2007-01-08)[3] 26[2] Blackhorse Entertainment
The Sleepover Club:
Series Two
9 November 2008 (2008-11-09)[4] 1 October 2008 (2008-10-01)[5] 26[5] Blackhorse Entertainment


  • The original series was produced at Varsity College in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and post produced by Cutting Edge Gold Coast and Brisbane. The glorious beaches and attractive beach side homes were a major feature of the series which featured the famous M&M's in various shore side exploits.
  • The second season was filmed in and around Western Australia's Perth Metropolitan area at locations such as the Fremantle Jail (no longer in service, but now a major tourist attraction), the Sunset Men's home (turned Psychiatric Hospital, also no longer in use), Churchlands Senior High School and Hillary's boat harbour as well as at other various locations.[citation needed]


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