Rainy City Roller Girls

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For the league based in Centralia, Washington, see Rainy City Roller Dolls.
Rainy City Roller Girls
League logo
Metro area Manchester
Country United Kingdom
Founded 2008
Teams Rainy City Roller Girls (A team)
Tender Hooligans (B team)
The Bet Lynch Mob (C team)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Thunderdome, Oldham
Affiliations UKRDA, WFTDA
Website www.rcrg.co.uk

Rainy City Roller Derby (RCRD) are a roller derby league based in Manchester in England. Founded in 2008, the league consists of three teams, which compete against teams from other leagues.

The first league in North West England,[1] Rainy City played its first home bout in November 2009, against the Leeds Roller Dolls.[2] In September 2011, it opened the "Thunderdome",[3] its own training and bouting venue, in a former snooker hall in Oldham which they have renovated and made into the 'Bouting venue of the North'.[1][4] In March 2012, it joined the UK Roller Derby Association.[5] As well as bouting, the team also run skating and officiating clinics and bootcamps throughout the year.[6]

Two league members, Missy Rascal and Dee-Mise, were selected to play for Team England at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup.[7]

In July 2012, Rainy City was accepted as a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Programme,[8] and it became a full WFTDA member in September 2013.[9]

In April 2013, a third team (The Bet Lynch Mob) was formed for new skaters at starter level to gain experience and learn.[10]


  • Rainy City Roller Girls - A team.[11]
  • Formed in 2008

Captain - Vivien Leigh-thal

Vice Captain - Jessica Mennis

The team includes 2011-2012 Team England squad skaters Missy Rascal [12] and Dee-Mise. Also, Fay Roberts & Missy Rascal are both part of the 2014 England training roster.

  • Tender Hooligans - B team.[13]
  • Formed in 2010

Coach - Maddy Nuff

Captain - Nancy Ray Gun

Vice Captain - Evil-Eye Cherry

  • The Bet Lynch Mob - C team.[14]
  • Formed in April 2013

Coach - Purple Brewser

Captain - Valkyrie

Vice Captain - Rollandi Vi$$er

Referee/Officials crew[edit]

Headed up by Matt the Knife a WFTDA certified level 3 referee,[15] formerly from Leeds Roller Dolls.

The head NSO is Pretty Miffed, certified at level 2 by the WFTDA.[16]

The other officials are: Emmeline Pancakehurst, Yvel Saint Laurent, Hairy Mark, Dan-J-Err, Clint Roll Alt Delete, Lone Roller, Spark, Karl Lagerfilled.

Notable wins[edit]

2013 UKRDA sur5al [17]


  • 2012 European rankings[18]
  • Rainy City Roller Girls (A team), finished division 1, 9th (out of 13 teams)
  • Tender Hooligans (B team), finished division 2, 37th (out of 39 teams)
  • 2011 European rankings[19]
  • Rainy City Roller Girls (A team), finished division 1, 7th (out of 10 teams)
  • Tender Hooligans (B team), finished division 2, 25th (out of 26 teams)
  • 2010 European rankings[20]
  • Rainy City Roller Girls (A team), finished division 1, 3rd (out of 10 teams)
  • Tender Hooligans (B team), finished division 2, 12th (out of 16 teams)
  • 2009 European rankings[21]
  • Rainy City Roller Girls (A team), finished division 1, 9th (out of 10 teams)


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