Rajanaka Bhumi Chand

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Ranjanka (Great King) Bhumi Chand was the founder of the Katoch Dynasty in 4300 BC. He was the first great king of the Chandravanshi group (sub-group Katoch) of Kshatriyas. He is mentioned in the Puran, the holy book of Hindus, as Brahmand Puran. According to this holy book, with the blessing of Goddess Parvati, he was born in the month of April or May, the date in which chetermas ki Asthami falls.

The Goddess Parvati created him to fight the Rakshasa (devils), which he did. The Goddess Parvati gave him the territory of Trigarta, the territory around the three rivers of Satluj, Beas, and Ravi.

  • Earlier His descendents known as TrigartaRaje and Presently
 divided into sub groups: 
  • Katoch clan
  • Katoch (Jaswal clan)
  • Katoch (Guleria clan)
  • Katoch (Sibaia clan)
  • Katoch (Dadwal clan)