Rakshanda Khattak

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Rakhshanda Khattak
Rakhshanda Khattak'

1 July 1947
Died1 December 2011 (aged 64)
EducationSouthern Alberta Institute of Technology
Years active1965-1979
Known forPakistan's first Supermodel

Rakhshanda Khattak (later Rakhshanda Javeri) (1 July 1947 - 1 December 2011) was one of Pakistan’s leading fashion models in the 1970s before quitting and leaving the country in 1979.[1]

Early life[edit]

Rakhshanda was born in British Burma to a Pashtun father and a Burmese mother.[2][3] Her surname comes from her Pashtun tribe, Khattak.


She has been dubbed by Pakistani media as Pakistan’s first super model.[4] Her foray into show business began modelling products for a family friend.[5] This got her noticed by other agencies, and she soon exploded into the public consciousness. At the time there was a lack of management companies in Pakistan, and most models did their own hair, makeup and wardrobe. In 1971 she starred in the action-packed feature film Jane Bond 008 performing her own stunts. During the movie she wore a low-waist sari which subsequently influenced a popular trend for young women to drape saris closer to their hips.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Rakhshanda was fluent in five languages. She was the first Pakistani woman to earn a black belt in karate and the second black belt in Jiu-jitsu.[5]

She married Husain Javeri in 1970. who owned a famous jewellery store on Victoria Road in Karachi which later became Abdullah Haroon Road, and he designed some of the jewellery that Rakhshanda wore at gatherings. In 1979, Khattak migrated to Canada with her family and settled in Calgary. She became naturalised as a Canadian citizen in 1983.[6] Whilst in Canada she attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and got a degree in cooking and baking.

She passed away at her apartment in Calgary on 1 December 2011 aged 64.


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