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Real Jaén
Real Jaén CF logo.svg
Full nameReal Jaén Club de Fútbol, S.A.D.
Nickname(s)Los Blancos (The Whites)
Los Lagartos (The Lizards)
GroundNuevo La Victoria, Jaén,
Andalusia, Spain
PresidentAndrés Rodríguez
Head coachAlberto González
League3ª – Group 9
2018–193ª – Group 9, 1st
Current season

Real Jaén Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. is a Spanish football team based in Jaén, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Founded in 1922 it plays in Tercera División – Group 9, holding home matches at Nuevo Estadio de La Victoria, with a capacity of 12,800 spectators. The club's biggest achievement has been playing 3 seasons in La Liga, the Spanish top tier, during the 1950s.


Real Jaen was founded in 1922. Similar to other teams in Spain, Jaen obtained a royal patronage from King Alfonso XIII. This enables the team to have the "real" in their name. The team did not start playing football until 1954 when it joined the Tercera Division. It immediately became a dominant team in the Spanish third division usually finishing in the top four.

After nine seasons in the Tercera Division, the "Lizards" were promoted to the Segunda Division in 1952. Their good form continued in the second division, as Real Jaen managed to win the 1952-53 Segunda Division group south, and managed to promote to La Liga for the first time ever. They won all of their home games that season including a 9-0 home win over fellow Andalusians Granada CF.

During Real Jaen's first ever season in the Spanish top tier (1953-54) the team finished 14th with 11 wins, 6 draws, and 13 defeats, meaning they obtained 28 points. This meant the team would be placed in the relegation group along with CA Osasuna and four teams from the Segunda Division. Jaen finished in last place with only one win and were relegated after just one season in the Spanish top flight.

Following their relegation from La Liga in 1954, key players departed from the team and Jaen finished in 7th place the following season. The next season was a lot better for the Jaen. They managed to win the group South of Segunda Division, this time in the season 1955-56. This meant that La Liga again awaited the Real Jaen.

In their second top flight season, Jaen barely avoided relegation, finishing 14th, one point above relegated Deportivo de La Coruña. Jaen managed to stay in the Spanish elite. Their third top flight season was less successful and the team finished last with only 20 points collected. Real Jaen was relegated after two years in La Liga. The biggest highlight of the season was probably when the Jaen managed a 1-0 home win over powerhouse the FC Barcelona.

Following their second top flight relegation, Real Jaen never managed to compete for a return to the elite. Their best season was 1959-60, when the team managed a 3rd place finish coming up two points behind the second placed Cordoba CF, which qualified the team for the promotion playoffs. Following the 1962-63 season, the "Lizards" were relegated to the Tercera Division. This was the first time the team played there since 1952.

For the following 12 seasons, Jaen only made one return to the Segunda, in 1967, but were immediately relegated. They managed to return to the second tier in 1976 and remained there for three seasons until 1979 when they were relegated to the newly created Segunda Division B, the new third tier in Spanish football. Jaen stayed in the third level until 1986, when the team was relegated to the Tercera Division, this time the fourth tier. They bounced between the Segunda B and the Tercera the following years.

In 1997, the team returned to the Segunda Division for the first time since 1979. The 1997-98 season was bad however, as they finished last and went back to the Segunda B. Real Jaen managed to return to the Segunda in 2000. They achieved a 10th place finish in the 2000-01 season, but finished last the following season and were relegated again. The following 11 seasons were spent in the Segunda B, until 2013, when Jaen again returned to the Segunda. The "Lizards" finished second to last, in 21st place, meaning relegation followed again.

In 2017, Jaen finished 19th in the Segunda B, and were relegated to the Tercera Division for the first time since 1991.

Here, being in the 4th level of the Spanish football, the club finished 3rd in the 2017-18 season and remained in that category.[1] On July 5, 2019 Real Jaén presented Alberto González as a new coach for the 2019-20 season.[2]

Season to season[edit]

Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1943/44 3 2nd 4th round
1944/45 3 4th
1945/46 3 2nd
1946/47 3 2nd
1947/48 3 8th 3rd round
1948/49 3 10th 1st round
1949/50 3 11th
1950/51 3 3rd
1951/52 3 1st
1952/53 2 1st 3rd round
1953/54 1 14th
1954/55 2 7th
1955/56 2 1st Quarterfinals
1956/57 1 14th Round of 16
1957/58 1 16th Quarterfinals
1958/59 2 9th 1st round
1959/60 2 3rd 1st round
1960/61 2 14th 1st round
1961/62 2 9th 1st round
1962/63 2 14th Round of 16
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1963/64 3 4th
1964/65 3 1st
1965/66 3 5th
1966/67 3 1st
1967/68 2 11th 1st round
1968/69 3 5th
1969/70 3 8th 1st round
1970/71 3 8th 2nd round
1971/72 3 3rd 1st round
1972/73 3 9th 1st round
1973/74 3 10th 2nd round
1974/75 3 12th 3rd round
1975/76 3 1st 2nd round
1976/77 2 4th 1st round
1977/78 2 15th 2nd round
1978/79 2 17th 3rd round
1979/80 3 2ªB 12th 1st round
1980/81 3 2ªB 7th
1981/82 3 2ªB 15th 1st round
1982/83 3 2ªB 12th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1983/84 3 2ªB 3rd
1984/85 3 2ªB 7th 2nd round
1985/86 3 2ªB 18th 2nd round
1986/87 4 5th
1987/88 4 1st 1st round
1988/89 3 2ªB 11th
1989/90 3 2ªB 17th
1990/91 4 4th 1st round
1991/92 3 2ªB 10th 2nd round
1992/93 3 2ªB 4th Round of 16
1993/94 3 2ªB 4th 1st round
1994/95 3 2ªB 4th 3rd round
1995/96 3 2ªB 1st 1st round
1996/97 3 2ªB 3rd 1st round
1997/98 2 20th 2nd round
1998/99 3 2ªB 8th 1st round
1999/00 3 2ªB 4th
2000/01 2 10th Round of 32
2001/02 2 22nd Round of 32
2002/03 3 2ªB 12th Round of 64
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
2003/04 3 2ªB 12th
2004/05 3 2ªB 9th
2005/06 3 2ªB 13th
2006/07 3 2ªB 6th
2007/08 3 2ªB 9th 2nd round
2008/09 3 2ªB 2nd
2009/10 3 2ªB 3rd 1st round
2010/11 3 2ªB 8th 2nd Round
2011/12 3 2ªB 4th 2nd Round
2012/13 3 2ªB 1st Round of 32
2013/14 2 21st Round of 32
2014/15 3 2ªB 11th 1st Round
2015/16 3 2ªB 10th
2016/17 3 2ªB 19th
2017/18 4 3rd
2018/19 4 1st 2nd round
2019/20 4 TBD TBD


Current squad[edit]

As of 4 November 2017

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Brazil GK Luis Arellano
Senegal GK Emilio
Spain DF Daniel Fragoso
Spain DF Higinio
Spain DF Ismael
Spain DF Juanlu
Brazil DF Ramón
Spain DF Cristian Rentero
Spain MF Álvaro García
Spain MF José Cervera
Spain MF Dani Góngora
No. Position Player
Spain MF Jonathan Rivera
Spain MF Manolo
Poland MF Łukasz Skrzybski
Spain MF Antonio Vera
Spain MF Víctor Armero
Spain FW Juan Carlos
Guinea-Bissau FW Luizinho
Spain FW Miguel Montes
Spain FW Nando Copete
Spain FW Pico

Famous players[edit]

Note: this list includes players that have appeared in at least 100 league games and/or have reached international status.

Women's football[edit]

Real Jaén was represented in the 2009–10 Superliga Femenina by FCF Atlético Jiennense.


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