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The Red Boat Opera Company (Chinese: 紅船) was a group of Chinese travelling Cantonese opera singers who toured China in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were instrumental in forming and leading a popular uprising against the Qing Dynasty,[1] using a derivative style of Kung Fu fighting called Wing Chun to defeat government troops. Red Boat troupes had been an important platform for Wing Chun to build on in Guangdong, and some of the most famous Red Boat Performers such as Leung Lan Kui, leung Yee Tei, and Wong Wah Bo were all grand masters of Guangdong Wing Chun[2] The most famous person to learn Wing Chun from a cohort member was Yuen Kay Shan who as a result went on to win 1000 death duel contests and was never defeated.

Scale model of Red Boat Opera ship


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