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Redhill is a small community forming part of the much larger town of Arnold in Nottinghamshire, England. It is about 4 miles north of the city of Nottingham in the borough of Gedling. The area is home to approximately two thousand people, many of whom are commuters[citation needed]


Although there is no commercial centre to Redhill, there is Redhill Comprehensive School, a specialist performing arts school, Redhill Leisure Centre and Redhill Stores and a newsagent. There are also two pubs, The Ram Inn and The Waggon And Horses. Redhill also hosts the nearest municipal cemetery for the residents of the Greater Arnold area. Redhill also boasts a uni-sex hairdressing salon, two car servicing garages and a used car dealership.

Redhill is served by the Nottingham City Transport number 87 bus to the city centre, which runs every 15 minutes throughout the day.It is additionally served by Trent Barton's Nottingham-Mansfield/Chesterfield Pronto bus service which runs every ten minutes during the day.


It is generally accepted[by whom?] that Redhill takes its name from the clay-like red soil making up the hill at the centre of the community. Running through Redhill is the primary road leading north out of Nottingham, now named Mansfield Road which is part of the A60. Prior to circa 1800 it was considered to be the southern limit of Sherwood Forest. A professional guide to lead travellers safely through the forest to Mansfield, could be hired[citation needed] from the now demolished 'Guide House', which stood on the eastern side of Mansfield Road to the north of Roscoe Avenue.

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