Regiment Botha

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Regiment Botha
SADF Regiment Botha emblem
SANDF Regiment Botha emblem
Active 1 April 1934 to present
Country  South Africa
Type Infantry
Role Motorised Infantry
Size One Battalion
Part of South African Infantry Formation
Army Conventional Reserve
Garrison/HQ Barberton, Mpumalanga
Motto(s) Altyd gereed
(Always ready)
Anniversaries 1 April 1934
Company level Insignia SA Army Company Insignia.png
SA Motorised Infantry beret bar circa 1992
SA Motorised Infantry beret bar

Regiment Botha is an infantry regiment of the South African Army. As a reserve unit, it has a status roughly equivalent to that of a British Army Reserve or United States Army National Guard unit. The Regiment was named after General Louis Botha, the first prime minister of South Africa.


The regiment was formed in Ermelo, Mpumalanga on 1 April 1934, as part of an expansion of the Army's infantry branch.[1]

World War 2[edit]

A second battalion was formed on the outbreak of World War II in 1939.[1] The first battalion did not serve in the war, but the second fought in the North Africa campaign in 1941 and 1942 as part of the 1st Infantry Division. In 1943, it was temporarily amalgamated with Regiment President Steyn.[1]

Sister Battalion[edit]

The two battalions separated after the war, and in 1951 the second battalion was renamed Regiment Christiaan Beyers.[1] From 1960 to 1966, Regiment Botha was called Regiment Pongola.

SANDF's Motorised Infantry[edit]

SANDF’s Motorised Infantry is transported mostly by Samil trucks, Mamba APC’s or other un-protected motor vehicles. Samil 20,50 and 100 trucks transport soldiers, towing guns, and carrying equipment and supplies. Samil trucks are all-wheel drive, in order to have vehicles that function reliably in extremes of weather and terrain. Motorised infantry have an advantage in mobility allowing them to move to critical sectors of the battlefield faster, allowing better response to enemy movements, as well as the ability to outmaneuver the enemy.


Previous Dress Insignia[edit]

SADF era Regiment Botha with Eastern Transvaal Command Tupper Flash 
SADF era Regiment Botha beret badge 

Current Dress Insignia[edit]

SANDF Infantry wide cloth beret badge 
SANDF Infantry wide shoulder flash 


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