Region II of hippocampus proper

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Region II of hippocampus proper
Diagram of hippocampal regions in a rat brain.
CajalHippocampus (modified).png
Basic circuit of the hippocampus, shown using a modified drawing by Ramon y Cajal. DG: dentate gyrus. Sub: subiculum. EC: entorhinal cortex
Latin regio hippocampi proprii II; regio II cornus ammonis; CA2
NeuroNames hier-166
TA A14.1.09.329
FMA 72044
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

Region II of hippocampus proper (CA2) is a portion of the hippocampal formation. CA stands for the latin cornus ammonis.

Region CA2 is a small region located between CA3 and CA1. Anatomically, in the rat, it is best defined as the strip of cells that receive perforant path input from EC layer II but do not receive mossy fiber connections from DG. Its pyramidal cells are more similar to those in CA3 than those in CA1, so it is grouped as a separate region. Due to its small size, it is often ignored in discussions of the hippocampus, but its high resistance to epileptic damage makes it notable.

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