Rehearsal for Murder

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Rehearsal for Murder
Rehearsal for Murder.jpg
DVD artwork.
Written by Richard Levinson
William Link
Directed by David Greene
Starring Robert Preston
Lynn Redgrave
Patrick Macnee
Music by Billy Goldenberg
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Robert Papazian
Editor(s) Parkie L. Singh
Cinematography Steven Larner
Running time 96 minutes
Production company(s) CBS Productions
Richard Levinson / William Link Productions
Robert Papazian Productions
Distributor CBS
Original network CBS
Original release May 26, 1982 (1982-05-26)

Rehearsal for Murder is a murder mystery television film starring Robert Preston and Lynn Redgrave, and directed by David Greene. The script, written by Richard Levinson and William Link, won a 1983 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. It originally aired on the CBS Television Network on May 26, 1982.


When his leading lady (and fiancée) Monica Welles (Redgrave) is found dead from an apparent suicide after the opening night of her Broadway stage debut, playwright Alex Dennison (Preston) is left heartbroken. On the first anniversary of her death, he gathers the cast and crew from that ill-fated night in the same Broadway theater, ostensibly to read a new play he is working on, a mystery in which a famous actress is killed. As the reading progresses, the scenes seem to the cast to be uncomfortably close to actual encounters they might have had with Monica. When pressed, Alex finally reveals that he believes that Monica was murdered, and that someone at the theater is her killer.


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