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Rehmeyer's Hollow, also known as Hex Hollow, is located in Central Pennsylvania (York County) near the Maryland border. The area was brought to national attention by a murder that occurred there in 1928. The name of the hollow was later changed to Spring Valley County Park.

Murder of Nelson Rehmeyer[edit]

In 1928, under the malicious advice of a local witch named Nellie Noll (known as the River Witch of Marietta), John Blymire believed that he had been cursed by Nelson Rehmeyer. Blymire and his accomplices broke into Rehmeyer's home to find his copy of the braucherei 'spell book', the Long Lost Friend. Blymire and his fellow conspirators John Curry and Wilbert Hess (who likewise felt victimized by Rehmeyer) were unable to find the book, but did find Rehmeyer himself, whom they killed and mutilated in hopes that this would lift the curse. The three men charged with the crime also set fire to the house, hoping to remove remnants of the curse, as well as to destroy evidence of their murder. However, the house did not burn down as they had hoped. This led to many people further believing that Rehmeyer was a witch and that his power prevented the destruction of the house. The resulting trial drew substantial media attention.[1][2][3]

Rehmeyer's house where he was murdered still stands on Rehmeyer's Hollow Road. Many locals believe it to be haunted. [4] Teenagers can usually be found legend tripping down in the hollow.


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