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Logo of the Renaissance Sword Club

The Renaissance Sword Club is a historical European martial arts group based in Waterloo, London, and the South East of England.[1] It was founded in 2013 by Rob Runacres. Its primary aim is the research and recreation of European swordsmanship of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, specifically those concerned with the rapier and spada da lato, as well as their companion weapons such as the dagger, cloak, buckler and rotella.[2]


Students follow the theories and methods of the Italian and French schools of fencing as laid down by fencing instructors such as Achille Marozzo, Salvator Fabris, Giovanni dall’Agocchie and François Dancie. Though sidesword and rapier are considered as different sword forms for teaching purposes, emphasis is placed on the similarities in mechanics and theory.

Educational Provision[edit]

The Renaissance Sword Club and Rob Runacres have lectured and provided workshops across Europe as well as demonstrations for the Wallace Collection.[3] Much of this has centred on the research on sword fighting in Early Modern France.[4]

Members of the Renaissance Sword Club have worked extensively in promoting competitions in HEMA, working as Tournament Managers for the ‘SwordFish’ event in Sweden,[5] as well as senior judges for the Nordic HEMA League.[6]


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