Republican Democratic Concentration

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Republican Democratic Concentration
Concentrazione Democratica Repubblicana
Leaders Ferruccio Parri, Ugo La Malfa
Founded February 8, 1946 (1946-02-08)
Dissolved September 8, 1946 (1946-09-08)
Split from Action Party
Merged into Italian Republican Party
Ideology Social liberalism

The Republican Democratic Concentration (Italian: Concentrazione Democratica Repubblicana, CDR) was a liberal and republican list which contested in the Italian general election of 1946. It was formed in February 1946 by Ferruccio Parri, a former Prime Minister of Italy, and Ugo La Malfa, following a split from the Action Party (PdA) which had just turned on socialist ideas.

Its symbol was a black shield with a star and a little flying eagle above.

The election gave poor results for both the CDR and the PdA. Only the two leaders were elected, and they then decided to join the Republican group in the Constituent Assembly. In September, the CDR merged into the Italian Republican Party.

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