Requiem (Killing Joke album)

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Killing Joke - Requiem.jpg
Live album by Killing Joke
Released 22 September 2009
Recorded Lokeren, Belgium, 8 August 2003
Length 72:00 (DVD) , 64:29 (CD)
Label Charly Films LLC
Killing Joke live albums chronology
Live at the Forum

Requiem is a dual-format DVD/CD live album release by Killing Joke, documenting their performance of 8 August 2003 at the Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren, Belgium. The album was released 22 September 2009.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Coleman/Walker/Glover/Ferguson, except where stated.

  1. "Requiem"
  2. "Total Invasion" (Coleman/Walker/Glover/Gill)
  3. "Wardance"
  4. "Blood On Your Hands" (Coleman/Walker/Glover/Gill)
  5. "Change"
  6. "Seeing Red" (Coleman/Walker/Glover/Gill)
  7. "The Fall Of Because"
  8. "The Death & Resurrection Show" (Coleman/Walker/Glover/Gill)
  9. "The Wait"
  10. "Whiteout" (Killing Joke)
  11. "Frenzy" (Coleman/Walker/Raven/Ferguson)
  12. "Pssyche"
  13. "Pandemonium" (Killing Joke)

The DVD and CD have the same track listing.[1] The credits misspell "Pssyche" as "Psyche".



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