Ricardo Caputo

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Ricardo Caputo
Born 1949
Mendoza, Argentina
Died 1997 (aged 47–48)
Other names The Lady Killer
Victims 4
Span of killings
Country United States and Mexico
State(s) New York, California
Date apprehended
March 1994

Ricardo Caputo (1949 – 1997) was an Argentine American serial killer during the 1970s who was known as "The Lady Killer."[1] Caputo was born in 1949 in Mendoza, Argentina. In 1970, he moved to the United States and settled in New York City.[2]

At times, he was #1 on the FBI's 10 most wanted list. Though he was not definitively linked to any murders after 1977, he remained a fugitive throughout the 1980s, and finally surrendered to police in 1994.

Incarcerated at Attica State Prison in New York, Caputo suffered a fatal heart attack in 1997, at the age of 48.[3]


Suspected Victims[edit]

  • Devon Green, 23, Los Angeles (1981) - Caputo became a suspect in Green's death when a former coworker of hers spotted him on a crime show and identified Caputo as having worked at a Los Angeles restaurant where Green was a chef. Already imprisoned at the time this information came to light in 1994, Caputo was neither charged with nor admitted to her murder.
  • Jacqueline Bernard, 64, New York City (1983) - Caputo was a suspect in this murder but was never charged. A friend of the victim's, Linda Wolfe, published a book called Love Me to Death in 1998 in which she conjectured that Caputo was Bernard's killer.


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