Riding the Rap

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Riding the Rap
First edition
AuthorElmore Leonard
Country United States
PublisherDelacorte Press
Publication date
Preceded byPronto 

Riding the Rap is a 1995 crime fiction novel by Elmore Leonard. It is the sequel to Leonard's Pronto, released in 1993. Like Pronto, Riding the Rap centers around 67-year-old Harry Arno, World War II veteran and bookie, who has been skimming from the mob for decades. The book also features a reappearance of Joyce Patton, Harry's ex-girlfriend and a former stripper, and her new boyfriend Raylan Givens, an always-gets-his-man old western type law enforcer who later comes to Harry's aid when he discovers the plot set up by Chip Ganz, Bobby Deo, and Louis Lewis. Chip Ganz, who is $16,500 in debt, hatches a plan to steal Harry's millions of skimmed money from a Swiss bank account by taking him hostage and forcing the money out of him. It's up to Raylan Givens to find Harry Arno before it's too late.