The Hunted (novel)

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The Hunted
The Hunted-book cover.jpg
First edition
Author Elmore Leonard
Country  United States
Language English
Genre Crime/Contemporary
Publisher Dell
Publication date
Media type Hard cover
Pages 251
ISBN 0440134250

The Hunted is a crime novel written by Elmore Leonard and published in 1977.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

Al Rosen stuck his neck out to help the Detroit government put some goons in prison, only it didn't go according to plan. He is living in Israel off the checks sent his way by the company he helped found. The checks are brought to him by the untrusty sleazy lawyer Mel Bandy. Rosen spends his days hanging out in hotel lobbies, getting sun, and just simply staying out of sight. But one fateful night there's a hotel fire that draws the attention of the media and Rosen gets photographed and wound up getting his face in the Detroit Free Press. Now Rosen's enemies know where he is and they immediately descend on the Holy Land for the purpose of killing him. Sgt. David Davis is about to finish his tour with the marines. The big problem is that he has no idea what to do with himself once he is out. Now Rosen is on the run in Israel with three killers and a sleazy lawyer on his tail and a U.S. Marine for company. Can this Vietnam vet U.S. Marine keep Rosen safe.....

Characters in The Hunted[edit]

  • Al Rosen – business man in the witness protection program
  • Tali Rose – assistant to Rosen
  • Edie Broder – Rosen's girlfriend
  • Sgt. David Davis – U.S. marine
  • Mel Bandy – sleazy lawyer
  • Gene Velenzuela – Detroit city mobsters leader
  • Clarence Rashad – Detroit city mobster
  • Teddy Cass – Detroit city mobsters explosive expert


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