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Riesen Candy.jpg
Riesen Candy
Product type Confectionery
Owner August Storck
Country Germany
Introduced 1934; 83 years ago (1934)
Markets Worldwide
Website www.riesen.com

Riesen (German for the English: giants) is a confectionery of chocolate and chocolate-flavored caramel produced and distributed by August Storck KG, a German confectioner that also produces Werther's Original. In the US, the candy is individually wrapped and sold in medium, large, and club-sized bags. In the UK, the candies come loose in packs of 5. It consists of bite-sized pieces of chewy chocolate caramel covered in dark chocolate.

Among its ingredients, Palm Oil is present.[1]


While small corner shops in Germany still sell loose candy out of big jars, Storck introduced the first wrapped and branded caramel - the Storck 1 Pfennig Riesen (IPA [rizṇ]). It quickly became a popular candy due to its appealing caramel taste and chewiness.


The 1 Pfennig Riesen evolves into the 2 Pfennig RIESEN and later into Storck RIESEN. It is available in several different flavors, including chocolate-caramel.


The chocolate-caramel candy is covered in dark chocolate and becomes the "Chocolate Riesen." The Storck Chocolate Riesen becomes available in bags of individually wrapped pieces.


The Riesen brand is successfully expanded internationally, introduced to the United States in 1991. Today, Riesen is well established in many important European and North American markets, such as Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, the USA and Canada.

2000 and beyond[edit]

"Peanut Riesen" was introduced in 2001 and contained chopped peanuts in caramel covered in chocolate. It was discontinued in 2002 due to lack of popularity.

"Riesen for the Post-Season Hot Chocolate" was first brewed in Boston, Massachusetts during the winter of 2007 as a way to stay warm and celebrate the AFC champion New England Patriots. The drink is prepared by melting the candies over medium heat in a small saucepan, adding one cup of milk per candy. Sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg to taste.


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