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River Chet - geograph.org.uk - 190325.jpg
Country England
Region Norfolk
Part of River Yare
 - location Poringland
 - elevation 33 m (108 ft)
 - coordinates 52°33′30″N 1°20′47″E / 52.5584°N 1.3465°E / 52.5584; 1.3465
Mouth River Yare
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 52°33′19″N 1°32′25″E / 52.5554°N 1.5404°E / 52.5554; 1.5404Coordinates: 52°33′19″N 1°32′25″E / 52.5554°N 1.5404°E / 52.5554; 1.5404
Length 16.5 km (10 mi)
Location of the river mouth within Norfolk

The River Chet is a small river in South Norfolk, England, a tributary of the River Yare. It rises in Poringland and flows eastwards through Alpington, Bergh Apton, Thurton and Loddon. At Loddon it passes under the A146 through Loddon Mill and into Loddon Staithe. From this point onwards the river is navigable. It then passes Hardley Flood to the north, a nature reserve part-managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. The river finally joins the River Yare one mile west of Reedham at Hardley Cross, erected in 1676,[1] which marks the ancient boundary between the City of Norwich and the Borough of Great Yarmouth. The total navigable length is some 3½ miles.[2] Fishing is permitted between Loddon and Hardley Cross, bream and roach being the most common catch.[3]

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