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Hebble Brook is the body of water passing from Ogden Reservoir [1]south, at Ogden, Halifax. The reservoir itself is sourced from water draining off Skirden Edge, through Skirden Clough, to the west and from the north the reservoir takes in water from Deep Gulf and Spa Flat, above the now disused Fly Delph Quarry, through the Great Scar.

The Middle Grain Beck and Carrs Beck flow into Hebble Brook, from the land around Halifax golf course, at Brookhouse, just south of Ogden Reservoir, then continues south past Mixenden, where various small springs and old quarry workings add to the water volume.

Hebble Brook now ends, just to the side of Hebble Road at Wheatley, near Hill Park Avenue, where it goes underground in woodland at 53°43'59.37"N 1°52'58.82"W.

The Hebble gives its name to nearby village Salterhebble, where the river flows through. There was a pub located in Salterhebble named the Calder and Hebble, after the two local rivers.


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