River Ogden

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Not to be confused with Ogden River.
The confluence of the Rivers Ogden and Irwell at Irwell Vale

The River Ogden is a river in Lancashire, England, formed by Musbury Brook, Alden Brook and Swinnel Brook.[1] It passes through Ogden and Calf Hey Reservoirs [1] and joins the River Irwell between Rawtenstall and Ramsbottom near grid reference SD792202.


  • Alden Brook
  • Musbury Brook
    • Hare Brook
    • Long Grain Water
  • Swinnel Brook
    • Sunny Field Brook ?
    • Duckworth Brook
    • Sherfin Brook
  • Deep Brook
  • Hog Lowe Brook


Coordinates: 53°40′40″N 2°18′59″W / 53.67785°N 2.31636°W / 53.67785; -2.31636