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Rob Friedman
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Alma materUniversity of North Carolina and Emory Law School
Known forBaseball Analyst/Social Media Personality

Rob Friedman, also known by the moniker PitchingNinja, is an American baseball analyst and social media personality known for his pitching gifs and videos Twitter and for creating social media resources for baseball recruiting and scouting.[1][2] He is an analyst for Major League Baseball and ESPN[3][4] Friedman coaches High School baseball and is also a licensed attorney.[5] As of 2019, Friedman had approximately 190,000 followers on his PitchingNinja Twitter account.[6] Friedman's PitchingNinja account has been referred to as "one of baseball’s most famous social media accounts."[7]

Major League Baseball dispute and resolution[edit]

In 2018, Friedman was briefly suspended from Twitter by Major League Baseball and Twitter, due to a copyright dispute,[8][9] but eventually was reinstated and hired as an analyst for Major League Baseball, in what was seen as a potential change for baseball's restrictive social media policy.[10][11][12] Since Friedman's reinstatement, his work has been featured on[13][14][15][16][17]

Pitching Analyst[edit]

Friedman creates pitching analysis videos and GIFs on Twitter and is a pitching analyst for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, ESPN College Baseball and Major League Baseball.[18] An ESPN article previewing the 2019 Major League Baseball Post-Season referred to certain pitchers as 'PitchingNinja Bait" meaning "A pitcher whose pitches are so unrepentantly sexy they are likely to be turned into GIFs by invaluable Twitterer, @pitchingninja."[19]

During the 2019 season, Friedman also contributed to a weekly segment for "Changeup" on DAZN with Cespedes Family BBQ featuring each week's Major League Baseball pitching highlights and also a weekly segment for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.[20][21][22][23]

Friedman's analysis has frequently been used by journalists and media outlets to help visually illustrate the pitches of major league pitchers.[24][25][26][27][28] Additionally, his work has also been credited by Major League and Minor League pitchers in helping them develop and refine their pitches.[29][30][31][32][33][34]

Friedman's pitching analysis style has been described as "combin[ing] the knowledge of someone who studied pitching to help his young son improve with the wonderment of a fan who can’t help but plotz at how major leaguers are capable of manipulating a baseball."[35]

PitchingNinja's FlatGround accounts[edit]

In January 2019, Friedman started FlatGroundapp with a focus on pitchers getting recruited and scouted through social media.[36][37][38] Friedman's FlatGroundApp account has been cited as a new development in baseball recruiting and scouting.[39][40][41] FlatGround is followed by many Major League Baseball executives, which allows players to get free exposure.[42]

Some of the professional pitchers who have credited Friedman and FlatGround with helping them get noticed by Major League affiliated organizations include: Taylor Grover,[43] Chris Dula,[44] Chris Nunn,[45][46][47][48] Nathan Patterson,[49] Tyler Gillies,[50] Casey Crosby,[51] D. J. Snelten[52] and Jordan Brink. [53][54][55][56][57][58][59] In August 2019, Nathan Patterson's signing received coverage by national publications, where Patterson mentioned that the exposure he received due to a Viral video[60][61] on FlatGroundapp and PitchingNinja assisted him in signing a professional contract with the Oakland Athletics.[62][63][64][65][66][67] Patterson's signing has been referred to as Friedman's "most public success story."[68]

Additionally, in early 2019, a young baseball player, Jax Nystrom, who was highlighted on Friedman's FlatGroundBats account was contacted by Alex Bregman to hit with him in Spring Training, which was featured on as well as other publications.[69][70][71]


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