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Roger Wilco is a voice-over-IP application used by multiplayer video game players, usually in combination with a headset.[1] The name is derived from a common voice procedure in two-way radio. Roger stands for "I understand what you just said" and wilco is short for "I understand and will comply". The software provides gamers the benefit of not having to communicate by typing, allowing them better control over their games. The software also works outside of games. It is similar in function to programs like TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and Mumble, although these all enjoy the benefit of newer (better) codecs due to more active development cycles as of late.

It was originally created by Resounding Technology, Inc., a company that merged with HearMe, Inc., owner of, in October 1999. GameSpy bought the source code in December 2000 and added an improved version of the program to their GameSpy Arcade software in early 2001. The application was freeware prior to the purchase by GameSpy, the software now requires a subscription in a bundle with GameSpy's tools.

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