Roland SH-201

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Roland SH-201
Manufacturer Roland
Dates June 2006–March 2010
Price US$699
Technical specifications
Polyphony 10 voices
Timbrality 2-part Multitimbral (upper/lower)
Oscillator 2 sawtooth, square, pulse, triangle,
sine, noise, feedback, supersaw
LFO 2 triangle, sine, sawtooth, square,
trapezoidal, sample & hold, random
Synthesis type Virtual analog subtractive
Filter 2 - 1 internal, 1 external; Types: LPF, BPF, HPF (-12 dB/-24 dB)
Attenuator 1
Aftertouch expression No
Velocity expression Yes
Storage memory 32 preset/32 user
Effects Reverb, modulation delay, overdrive
Keyboard 49
External control USB, MIDI

The Roland SH-201 is a 49 key,[1] 10-voice polyphonic analog modeling synthesizer introduced in 2006 by the Roland Corporation. The SH-201 is equipped with two analogue modeling oscillators (four when in Dual or Split mode), a multi-mode filter, ring modulator, and it allows routing an external audio signal into its own dedicated filter. Real-time controls feature 29 front panel knobs and sliders, assignable pitch/mod stick and Roland's infrared D-Beam controller. The synthesizer also acts as a USB audio interface for digital audio workstation recording.

The modeling and layout of filters, envelopes, oscillator types, and mix options are similar to the JP-8000. Notable differences are that the SH-201 offers more polyphony, oscillator choices, LFO routings and comes with computer software for more in-depth sound editing, patch librarian storage and DAW integration. The name SH-201 is derived from Roland's classic SH line of analog synthesizers, all of which were designed to be portable and simple to program, while the number 201 was chosen to reference the popular SH-101 which was also cased in plastic. It is also fully Windows and Mac compatible, connecting through a USB cable. MIDI and audio can be sent through the USB port.[2]

The SH-201 was discontinued in 2010. At the NAMM 2010 show Roland introduced its follower, the SH-01 GAIA.

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