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Salon du Bourget 20090619 248.jpg
RTM322 cutout at Le Bourget 2009
Type Turboshaft
Manufacturer Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Limited
First run 15 December 1984[1]
Major applications AgustaWestland Apache
AgustaWestland AW101
Program cost £100 million (1985)[1]
Developed into Safran Aneto

The Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 is a turboshaft engine produced by Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Limited, a joint venture between Rolls-Royce plc and Turbomeca. The engine was designed to suit a wide range of military and commercial helicopter designs. The RTM322 can also be employed in maritime and industrial applications.


It was designed for the Hughes AH-64 Apache and Sikorsky Blackhawk, competing with the GE T700 and the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100. The partners shared equally the £100 million development costs, Rolls-Royce makes the turbines, the combustor, and the inlet particle separator while Turbomeca produces the axi-centrifugal compressor and intake. It first ran on 15 December 1984, with eight bench prototypes for 30,000 cycles and 13,000 test hours, and four for flight tests, initially aiming for a 1987 certification.[1]

The first order for the RTM322 was received in 1992 to power 44 Royal Navy Merlin HM1s which subsequently entered service in 1998.[2] Over 1,100 engines are in service, having logged over one million flight hours, powering 60% of the AW101 fleet and 80% of in-service NH90s.[3]

In 2013, Turbomeca acquired the entire program, becoming responsible for both production and product support.[3] Turbomeca's successor, Safran Helicopter Engines, developed it in the Aneto.


Specifications (Mk 250 or 02/8 variant)[edit]

General characteristics

  • Type: Turboshaft
  • Length: 46.1 in (1.17 m)
  • Diameter: 25.5 in (0.65 m)
  • Dry weight: 503 lb (228 kg)


  • Compressor: 3-stage axial + 1-stage centrifugal
  • Combustors: reverse flow
  • Turbine: 2-stage HP + 2-stage Power Turbine


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