Romeo Diaz

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Romeo Diaz
BornHong Kong
Occupation(s)Composer, record producer, music director
Years active1960s-1991
Associated actsDanny Diaz & The Checkmates

Romeo Diaz (Chinese: 戴樂民) is a Filipino music composer, record producer and music director. He was one of the members of the popular band Danny Diaz & The Checkmates in Hong Kong in the 1960s along with his two brothers, Danny Diaz and Rudy Diaz.[citation needed]


Romeo Diaz began his musical career in the 1960s as a member of the Hong Kong pop group “The Diaz Brothers”. In the 1970 he started to compose for many singers in Hong Kong and Asia. In 1983 he became the resident musical director for EMI records in Hong Kong. In 1984 he started music production company, Musicad, that won a lot of awards for advertising campaigns throughout its operation. He has worked in close partnership with a composer and talk-show host, James Wong, and he has also collaborated with film directors such as Louis Ng, Tsui Hark, Zhang Yimou and John Woo. He has also won film awards for his work such as “Chinese Ghost Story” and “A Terra Cotta Warrior".[1] He lives in Hong Kong.



Personal life[edit]

Romeo Diaz has two children.[citation needed]


  • Adam Diaz (Chinese: 戴乾亨) is a music composer arranger. record producer, and guitarist of Hong Kong local bands.[citation needed]
  • Krystal Diaz (Chinese: 戴晶兒) is a singer songwriter and a Certified Level 2 vocal coach of [Speech Level Singing] (SLS) in Hong Kong.[citation needed]


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