Agustín Ross Balcony

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The Mirador in March 2011.
The Agustín Ross Balcony after the 2010 Chile earthquake and tsunami.

The Ross Balcony (Spanish: Mirador de Agustín Ross, also known as Mirador el Infiernillo) is a balcony constructed by Agustín Ross Edwards in 1910.[1] It is located over rocks in the southern part of the beach of Pichilemu,[2] in the Paseo de la Juventud (Spanish: Youthfulness Walk).[3][4] The waves came up to the balcony until the 1960 Valdivia earthquake.

Agustín Ross designed it with the purpose to view the sea.[5] He constructed groceries near the balcony and became one of the most important places in the rise of the city.


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