Rovinari Power Station

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Rovinari Power Station
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LocationRovinari, Gorj County
Coordinates44°54′30″N 23°8′6″E / 44.90833°N 23.13500°E / 44.90833; 23.13500Coordinates: 44°54′30″N 23°8′6″E / 44.90833°N 23.13500°E / 44.90833; 23.13500
Commission date23 June 1972
Decommission dateActive
Owner(s)Complexul Energetic Rovinari S.A. (owned in part by the Government of Romania)
Thermal power station
Primary fuelSub-bituminous coal
Power generation
Units operational4
Nameplate capacity4x 330 MW = 1.320 MW MW
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The Rovinari Power Station is one of the largest electricity producers in Romania, having 4 groups of 330 MW each thus totaling an installed capacity of 1,320 MW.

The power plant is undergoing modernization works, which will add a new 500 MW group at a total cost of US$600 million. After the modernization, the power plant will have a total installed capacity of 1,820MW.[1] Other important works include the fitting of several sulfur filters at the existing power groups at a total cost of US$250 million.[2]

The power plant is situated in the Gorj County (South-Western Romania) on the banks of the Jiu River near Târgu Jiu.

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