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O-Parts Hunter, features a cast of characters created by Seishi Kishimoto.

Crew of the Orphan[edit]

Jio Freed[edit]

Jio Freed (ジオ フリード?) is the twelve-year-old protagonist with great battle skill, an obsession with money and is not soon to show his feelings, often hiding them or blaming other factors. Jio started his life without friends. The people in his village forced him to leave after the death of his only friend's, Jin, parents for which he was blamed. He was trained in the wild by a wolf, known as Zero. However, after completing his training he was chased away again, giving him a chance to complete his dream of world domination.

He meets Ruby Crescent, a girl in search of her father, and agrees to help her as a paid bodyguard. She ends up fighting a man claiming to be Satan, but the real Satan (sealed inside of Jio) easily beats him after Jio is knocked out. From there, he says he will follow her until she can pay him for saving her. He claims, in front of her, that he is only her bodyguard and nothing more; but Jio sees Ruby as a precious friend and appears to have a crush on her. Later on, he says that he was Ruby's lover and wanted to be near her.

After gaining Ruby and Ball as friends, Jio becomes more trustful of people and slowly breaks away from his dream of world domination, choosing to be more helpful and caring of others. This new outlook quickly gains more friends. He meets Mr. Wick and Mrs. Basil, who he sees as his father and mother, never having known his real parents. He was emotionally crushed when they were killed by Kujaku in cold blood.

In Rock Bird, Jio is defeated by Anna in the preliminaries, but the officials allowed him to move up due to the demon inside of him. After Jio's last fight, Satan begins to awaken but Ruby calms him. This leads to Rock Bird's leader dubbing Ruby his 'Key' and kidnaping her. An enraged Jio with Ball following his lead, runs to the top of Rock Bird to rescue her. Jio defeats the leader, who was also a demon, but not before Satan takes control of Jio's body. Shin shoots a laser which causes a form of death by forcing all souls to leave their bodies. For Satan to survive, he absorbs Ruby's soul and Ruby releases Jio. Ruby stays inside of Jio to protect him against Satan's control.

A time-skip to years later shows Jio has become the leader of the cyclops village, setting up a successful trade and supply route, and sending 'some early cash' so that the village can survive. He is discovered by Ball and rejoins his group to rescue Ruby, as well as stop new threats. During the assault on the Stea republic to rescue Ruby, everyone was split up in battle. After being reunited with his group, Jio was relieved that Cross and Mei were all right but Jio didn't seem to notice Ball, possibly as he feels Ball can take care of himself. After rescuing Ruby, Jio holds a conversation with her atop their ship, asking her out.

Relation with Satan

Jio is the container of Satan - the No. 1 Demon, as can be seen by his half-white hair and one red eye. At first, Jio seems unaware of Satan's existence, not knowing why the people in the village hated him.

During the Entotsu City arc, Jio has a 'meeting' with Satan in his mind, and Satan grants him the 'Devil's Mark', which appeared on the palm of his left hand, reading the number "666" with each six pointing in a different direction making a triangle. The 'Devil's Mark' can be used as an O-Part, and its effect is Absorb (Absorbing Spirit). Jio starts using it in battle.

While the mark gives Jio some of the most powerful effects, it takes away a piece of Jio's soul, giving more and more control to Satan. During the Rock Bird arc, Jio loses complete control, and Satan is free, until he is forced to absorb the No. 10 Angel (Ruby), which keeps Satan imprisoned. Once the Angel is removed four years later, Jio seems to be able to fight Satan himself, perhaps by the power of Ruby's jade pendant infused in his hand, already showing the ability to suppress Satan before. In chapter 76, it is revealed that all of the recipes and Shin came from a planet called Eden, where 72 scientists tried to harness all the energy of the universe. To accomplish this task, the scientists made the two Kabballahs and Shin, which have the power to absorb energy in the form of information. 20 scientists were in charge of categories of information and eventually evolved into the 20 angels and demons based on their category. Their lust for energy led to the absorption of Eden. The scientist that became Satan desired all of the energy for himself and began absorbing everything. Researchers Adam and Eve foresaw this and made a program called Freedom to counteract Satan's powers. The program split Satan into two minds sharing the same body. One of them became Satan, who retains the scientists' greed, while the other one became Jio Freed, who is the scientists consciousness. The name Jio Freed was gotten when the sign for the Freedom program fell and broke in two. The first half was FREED, while the OM half was further broken, resulting in the M being split to look like a JI. Jio finally defeats the Satan inside him and gains control of Shin. With the rest of the surviving angels and demons, Jio flies into space.

Powers and abilities

Jio, being trained by both the legendary swordsman Kirin and the wolf Zero, has a unique style. This has been noted by many people, including Kirin and Kujaku. Next to this, he has skill in using the terrain, especially shown during his fight with Anna in Rock Bird. This, with his O-Part's effect to multiply his energy, a pendant with over 100 effects and the power of Satan, makes Jio a formidable warrior.

His main O-Part is a boomerang called Zero-shiki (零式?) (C rank) which is later upgraded by Kirin to New Zero-shiki (零式改?) (B rank). Zero's original effect was "Double" (double the power), but Shin Zero's effect is "Triple" (triple the power). After the time-skip his weapon is again updated, this time to New Zero-shiki R (零式改R?), another boomerang-type weapon that reacts to the amount of hatred in one's heart and changes shape accordingly.

His secondary O-part, "Mark of the Beast" (ナンバーオブビースト?), is very strong with an unknown maximum potential. He has been able to take his power further by what can be described as an O-Part fusion with Zero R and the Mark of the beast making his hand that of when Satan is released; his left iris even changes into Satan's.

Ruby Crescent[edit]

Ruby Crescent (ルビィ クレセント?) is a treasure hunter who is researching the mysterious, legendary O-Part. Despite being fourteen, she carries an extensive knowledge of ancient languages and seeks to uncover the mystery of her father Zect Crescent's death. She carries a necklace (Jade Pendant) her father gave her, which is revealed to be the S rank O-Part Key of Solomon (ソロモンの鍵?) with over 100 effects. She smiles almost constantly; she says that after her father died, she realized that crying and running away won't solve anything. She always worries about Jio and Ball, especially when they are fighting against other O.P.T.s. Ruby shares a strong friendship bond with the two boys but seems to have more intimate feelings for Jio.

She is revealed to be Sandalphon the No. 10 Angel and her father is actually a traitor to the Stea government. It is also revealed Jack Crescent is not really her father, just someone who was taking care of her until she awakened as the Angel. She considers Jack as her surrogate father. Her soul is absorbed into Jio in the Olympia chapters, when Satan is fighting Cross and gets a fatal wound. A few years later, Jio and his friends fight their way into Stea main base, Jio is able to free Ruby's soul and return it to her body. She is now able to use her Angel powers, though they aren't complete as of the end of the series. Ruby is finally reunited with her father, the leader of Zenom, but he claims to have no daughter, leaving Ruby distraught. When Shin begins collecting all of the demons and angels, and later, human's souls, Ruby takes the attack for Jack and they give each other a pinky promise, something Ruby refused to do many years before. Both were absorbed by Shin and inserted into the Kaballah. Inside Shin to save the world with the help of Jio, Cross, Zero and Zect himself they warped Shin away from Earth just as night fell disappearing into space.

As the No. 10 Angel Sandalphon, she has shown the ability to shrink the Giant Orphan to a tiny size, then revert it to normal while making some design changes. This is not the true extent of her abilities according to Cross. She is not an O.P.T. but has shown herself to be adept at treasure hunting and solving riddles. Later on, she was seen using these shrinking powers by fighting one of the four lead members of Zenom. In her battle, she exhibits enhanced strength and the ability to enlarge and shrink objects with ease.


Ball (ボール?) is a strange boy with dreadlocks who loves round things and joins up with Ruby and Jio after the events in Entotsu City. Originally from Entotsu, he lived there with his parents and younger sister. At first, Ball loved to pretend to be an OPT and loved to show off, so he was surprised when Kirin revealed to him that he really was one. He then received his O-Part, called Cool Ball (クールボール?) (C rank), and its effect is Magnet (Magnetism). After Rock Bird, he wields a new O-Part, called Tricky (トリッキー?) (B rank), which are smaller versions of Cool Ball that seem to resemble marbles. Ball has a very good music-sensitive ear and is able to distinguish notes by hearing them. He sometimes serves a comedic role in the group, and his occasionally perverted ways get him into trouble.

During the Rock Bird arc, Jio and Ball were pitted against each other in a battle. It was here that it was revealed that Ball trained himself every day to match up to Jio's battle abilities. During the fight, Ball surprised everyone by showing how much he had improved with his O-Part, even discovering an advance form of its effect in the middle of the fight. He managed to get Jio to take him seriously, after Jio stated that he would not need to use his O-part during the fight. Ball proved otherwise to Jio and got a few good hits in; he lost, due to Jio activating Satan's power. His loss was not in vain, however, as Jio acknowledged him as a worthy rival after the fight.

He proved his power and skill as a high ranking OPT by taking on the powerful cyclops, Tsubame, whose third eye is open, and won. After the fight he gained the affection of Mei, although he is not aware of this and thinks she's just acting weird when she watches him with awe. Another show of his power was at the Zenom base, where he fought against Franken and won, using Tricky's magnetic effect to take him apart from the inside out.

Like Jio, after training with Kirin his reflexes, strength, and awareness were raised greatly. Unlike Jio, Ball has displayed a natural talent of handling his O-Part. It has been stated by Kirin and others that Ball's ability to control O-Parts was much higher than others, including Jio's. In battle, Ball displays amazing cunning and strategy, using his O-Parts' magnetism effect to fool his opponents, often coming up with plans in the middle of battle. Due to his natural talent with handling, Ball often pilots the groups' transportation vehicles.

Years after Armageddon, he has settled down with Mei and looks much like his father, even with similar facial hair. He has his dreads but wears a different head band. He seems to have gotten used to his new role as a father and has two children with Mei: a son and a daughter. Their son has Mei's hair and third eye, and the daughter has Ball's black hair and Mei's regular eyes; this is much like Kirin and Kujaku, who have attributes from both parents. He seems to have not upgraded Tricky after Armageddon as it is seen on the last page next to the book about Freed. Ball seems well-off, living in a large house that has his symbol, his outfit includes this symbol slightly modified.

Cross Biancina[edit]

Cross Biancina (クロス ビアンキーナ?) is the commander-in-chief of the Stea government's SS Rank O-Part ship, Shin (God). Cross lived alone with his younger sister, Lily, after their parents left. The two went to church often to pray for their parents' return. One day, Jio came to the village where Cross lived, though Jio doesn't clearly remember this. The Satan inside Jio noticed Cross was the No. 1 Angel - Metatron, the only being he recognized as having the power to defeat him. So he erased the existence of Cross's village, including Lily, who was a copy of the No. 10 Angel, and the key that would awaken Cross's angel form. Cross witnessed his village's destruction and realized that it was Satan who killed Lily. After, Cross was taken by the Stea government onto Shin and found out he was an extremely powerful O.P.T. After training, he became the commander of Shin. He continued to search for Satan, who planned this as a way to absorb Cross's hatred and enormous power after it had matured. However, that plan was thwarted by Ruby and her jade pendant, the real key, who awakened Metatron in place of Lilly and made the hatred in Cross's heart to purity. His O-Part is Justice (ジャスティス?) (C rank), which consists of five rings; thumb earth, index electric water, middle wind, ring finger force field, pinkie bomb.[ch. 51]

As of the beginning of the time-skip he was traveling with the rest of the Orphan Crew helping them look for Jio. As with most of the other characters after the time-skip his appearances have changed. He has kept his short hair but has taken a very feminine look with his clothing and facial features, even being mistaken for a female by enemies. Later, he had rejoined with the famous hacker Ponzu who has taken Lilith's recipe nuclei into herself and brainwashed him using it when he was Shin's Commander. Ponzu believed that she has been in love with him, but he was so obsessed with Satan that he left her before she confessed her feelings. Cross after coming to his sense removed the nuclei with Metatron and seems to have a touching moment with Ponzu.

In the final battle, he has been sucked into the completed Shin. While inside Shin to save the world with the help of Jio, Ruby, Zero and Zect they warped Shin away from Earth just as night fell disappearing into the void of space.


Kirin (キリン?) is a white-haired, pickle-loving hermit who is easily bored and lived on the outskirts of Entotsu City, famed for his knowledge and repair of O-Part, as well as his genius as a swordsman. His brother Kujaku claimed that no one has ever been able to wound Kirin in battle. Despite his genius, he is not an OPT, but his abilities exceed those of most OPTs. A former Stea officer, he is a hermit accompanied by his dog Jajamaru. After Jio, Ruby, and Ball left Entotsu City, Kirin decided to travel with the three, because he wanted something to do. Kirin has been revealed to be the son of a Cyclops father and OPT mother. He is in fact the nephew of Mei's grandfather in chapters 27 and 55. Kirin, unlike his younger brother Kujaku, has the third eye on his forehead that most people of Cyclops heritage are born with. He is special in that it was open when he was born: very rare, if not completely unheard of.[ch. 58] His weapon main weapon is a Katana; as a child he was trained by his father to be a swordsman along with his brother.

Every day, when his brother and he would spar, he would beat Kujaku. One day his brother beat him after obtaining the power of the Baal demon, where he walked in shortly after Kujaku had killed their father. As a child, he attempted to stab his third eye (to be normal and stop his brother's hate toward him and his father) but the third eye couldn't be destroyed. He cut his left eye out, blinding it, and leaving him with two working eyes: his right eye and his cyclops eye. Inside the Zenom base he fought with and defeated Kujaku with the help of Mei. After the battle Kirin left behind their father's katana for Kujaku, revealing that their father had intended for him to inherit the sword the whole time.[ch. 68]


Amidaba (アミダバ?), nicknamed the "Seven-Colored" O.P.T., is a former Stea government army officer. She is a skilled O.P.T. able to use any O-Part and friend of Zect Crescent and Kirin. She meets Ruby in the dungeons of Entotsu City and aids in their escape. She also helps out in the fight against Mekisis and Wise Yuri. After the fight, she tells them to go to the Ruins of Dust Storm and meet with a man called Wick. She is traveling with Jio post time-skip. Her own O-Part Rainbow (レインボー?) is seven tattoos on her palms, which each have different effects, her favorite being gravity control.


Jin (ジン?) is Jio's childhood friend who protected Jio when he was bullied by other kids. The same day that Jin told Jio they were friends, Jin witnessed his parents being killed by Jio in Satan form. He became extremely hateful toward Jio and wanted to kill him. He later became an O.P.T. for hire and met Jio on a mission. During their fight, Satan awakened and told him the truth about his parents' death. When Jin realized what really happened, he forgave Jio and saved his life from a fire he started. His O-Part is Ashura (阿修羅?) (B rank), and its effect is Flame. Jin has two special attacks, fueled by his hatred of Jio: Black Flame Pillar and Black Flame Dragon. The black flames had a special property that allowed them to burn everything they touched, including a whole human. Later, Jin returned to take place in the Olympia tournament, and during the Olympia tournament, it was revealed Jin no longer hated Jio and was instead focusing on saving Jio from Satan. The hatred that fueled the black flames of Ashura have been replaced by the more powerful blue flames. The blue flames had a property of being the most intensely hot, more so than normal red or orange flames.

Post-time-skip he is seen traveling with Futomomotarou after being saved by him during the Rock Bird arc. They can combine their fire and gas attacks to create a large explosion. It has been revealed that Jin is in possession of one of a recipe nuclei of a demon which he says he personally single handedly fought and beat.[1] It was revealed that it was a fake recipe made by Jack.


Zero (ゼロ?) is a lone wolf who has been banished by other wolves because he is an OPT. He taught Jio all he could of fighting and survival skills. He hates both humans and wolves, but built up a friendship with Jio as they share similar situations - they are both shunned by others of their species. His bones are C Rank O-Parts, and their effect is high speed, but using them causes extreme pain to Zero. In post time-skip, he travels with Jio. It has been revealed that he is the No. 4 Angel - Zadkiel. His special power allows sacrificial wolves to take on the shape of another person and save them from an attack. The cloned wolf will die in place of the replaced person. The person will still feel the pain of their death ex; gunshots, laser beams, etc. He was sucked into the completed Kabbalah inside Shin which help start Armageddon which was stopped as Jio overcame Satan. Inside Shin, to save the world with the help of Jio, Ruby, Cross, and Zect himself, they warped shin away from Earth just as night fell disappearing into the void of space taking the effects of Armageddon with them and saving the Earth.


May (メイ?) is a member of the Cyclops, the original inhabitants of the planet. During the time-skip, she develops a huge crush on Jio, and saw girls Jio talked to as adversaries. As a little extra, she actually considered Cross to be a rival as well. She acknowledged that the matured Cross is beautiful, female almost. Surprisingly, she and Ruby become fast friends, despite May feeling envious of her beauty and Jio's feelings toward her. She meets Jio during the time-skip when Jio was nursed back to health by her village. She joins the party with Jio (by sneaking onto Orphan) after the time-skip, and travels with the party. May's older brother Tsubame, the former leader of the Cyclops village, disappeared around the time Jio entered the Cyclops village.

During the fight with Tsubame she unlocks the power of her third eye and with Ball's help is able to defeat her brother.[ch. 59] After Ball fights with the changed Tsubame, May realizes that she used Jio as a replacement for losing her brother, and now shows affections and love for Ball. A little later it is revealed that May's father was Kirin and Kujaku's cousin, making Kirin and Kujaku her second cousins.[ch. 68]

Inside the Zenom base she, Kirin, and Jajamaru fought against Kujaku. Using her third eye she was able to take control of Kirin's katana and helped him deliver the final blow. She was later a witness to the potential Armageddon that nearly consumed the world and one of the last to hear Jio Freed's voice before he disappeared into the void for now.

At the end of the series, it is revealed the May and Ball get married and had two children together: a son, Jio, and a daughter, Ruby. Their son has May's hair and third eye, and the daughter has Ball's black hair and May's regular eyes. Either twin has the potential to become an OPT but from their genetic inheritance and other past examples it is most likely Jio will not be an OPT and Ruby will. They wear scarves around their necks that looks exactly like Jio Freed's. Much like Kirin and Kujaku, they seem to have attributes from both parents. Her face is never shown during the final scenes, but her hair and outfit are clear give-aways. She tells her children the story of their youth and ushers them to bed putting down the book next down to the Tricky O-Part.


Futomomotaro (ふともも太郎?) is a perverted fat man that uses the Mackerel Sword sword who Jio and friends meet during the Rockbird Arc. After the time skip he is traveling with Jin. He is the "Husband" of the Zenom four guardian Spika and has been shown to have thigh fetish. Spike has a need for attention and Futomomotaro pays attention because she has nice thighs and can create food with her O-part with a simple word. He has shown to be able to gain animal traits by eating dumplings. He carries extra top knots for his hair. He joined the Crew after becoming Spika's husband. His O-Part is the Mackerel Sword.


Mainly used as comical relief, Jajamaru (ジャジャ丸?) is the round dog of Kirin, and is ironically an O.P.T. It was revealed that his biggest fear is one of Kirin's pickles coming alive and chasing him, and the thing that annoys him the most is Ball. After the time-skip he has a son who looks almost identical to what he looked like pre time skip (see below) and has become an enormous yellow wolf/saber tooth tiger like animal that is several times larger than a grown man.


Jojomaru (ジョジョ丸?) is Jajamaru's son. The only two differences between him and his dad is that their hair grows another direction in front and Jojomaru actually likes Ball. (Ball can understand Jojomaru as if they speak the same language.) He is an O.P.T. who flies Orphan when the group is in a tight situation. He's always been seen on or near Ball and has taken his father's place as the comical relief, being a living afro puff, yet also being helpful in a battle such as being the one to show Ball the way to defeat Franken.[ch. 68]

Stea Government[edit]

Amaterasu Miko[edit]

Amaterasu Miko (幻のアマテラス ミコ?) is the leader of Stea Government (ステア政府?) and the main antagonist of the series. She desires a world in which she is immortal and all thoughts are unified under her own. Often seen with a giant white tiger, although it is revealed that the body seen with the tiger is merely a robot formed of O-Parts.[ch. 60] In reality, she had transferred her consciousness into the flying ship O-Part, Shin.[ch. 61] After Stea's main base was attacked, Miko/Shin fled and dissolved Stea, taking over the body of Balsa to form a group composed of those on board (including Ponzu). Placing some of her consciousness in Ponzu, she took over the body of Baku and stole the second half of the Legendary O-Part when Jio knocked it from Jack Crescent's hands. Upon joining the two halves of the Legendary O-Part, the Kaballah and the Reverse Kaballah merged to form the true core of Shin, transforming its appearance. Proceeding to absorb all of the angels and demons present, Miko prepared to absorb all life (information and memory) on the planet and destroy the planet, aiming to achieve her goal of unifying all thoughts. Jio entered the core of the true Shin and battled the spiritual body of Miko, finally destroying it and erasing Miko's consciousness.

Dofuwa Longinus[edit]

Dofuwa Longinus (レッドスピアのドワフvロンギヌス?) is a blind man and Stea's chief of staff. Nicknamed "Cross-Scarred Dofuwa", after the shape of the scar covering his eyes, he is the former commander of the attack force.[ch. 57] He is sent by Miko to stop Jio and friends from advancing into their base, but is killed by Kirin with Amidaba's help.[ch. 58] His O-Part is Red Spear (レッドスピア), a spear able to thrust faster than the speed of sound, creating a sonic boom, and which controls light.

Kagehisa Mishima[edit]

Kagehisa Mishima (三島影久?) is the commander of Stea's operations at the North Pole (mostly research surrounding the Kaballah and the Angels). He has fused himself with his O-Parts, meaning he does not have to release his spirit to use them. He becomes disillusioned with Miko's plan, and helps Jio and company free Ruby's body from her containment chamber.[ch. 61]


Ponzu (ぽんず?) is a legendary hacker that Cross sought out for detailed information on Satan. She accompanied him back to the Shin and helped to answer his questions. Post time-skip finds her still on the Shin under the command of Miko, with the No. 9i Devil, Lilith implanted into her body.[ch. 64] Lilith has the ability to cause others to go berserk when they look into her eyes and can cause cellular instability, which can kill anyone except for people with regenerative abilities. Her nucleus was pulled out by Cross. It has become known that she is in love with Cross and has apparently joined up with him, Ruby, Futomomotaro and Spika, becoming one of the Crew of the Orphan. Ponzu tries to warn Jio that he is not an ordinary container and not to go into the Kaballah, but she too late as the Kaballah already devoured him.


Tsubame (つばめ?) is May's brother, and the former leader of the Cyclops village. He fell off a cliff while fighting against Zenom operatives and was taken for dead. However, he was rescued by Mishima, who helped him open his Cyclopian third eye.[ch. 59] His eye always him to program any object he sees for a few seconds, not including humans.[ch. 58] He reappears as a Stea agent to stop Jio and company, and the power of the third eye drove him mad enough to attack his own sister. He fought against Ball and May, and although he had the upper hand at the beginning, Ball's cunning and power combined with May's newly opened third eye resulted in his loss. In the end, May uses a trick he taught her by tickling his ears to make him remember and close his third eye. He apologizes to his sister and crumbles into dust. Before turning into dust, he calls out to Ball and tells him to watch over May for him, as it was Ball who reminded him how important it was to protect one's little sister.[ch. 59]


Balsa (バルサ?) is the vice-commander of Shin, under Cross. Although he acted respectful, he evidently despised him and thought he would be better suited to commanding Shin. During the Rock Bird arc, he even fired Shin's soul-absorbing laser at the city, not caring about whether or not Cross would survive. After Cross defected from Stea post time-skip, Balsa took his place as commander of Shin and declared it an independent state called Zipan (ジパン?).[ch. 61] However, it wasn't long before Miko uploaded her consciousness into the Shin, taking over Balsa's body and using his body to still maintain control of those on board without revealing her nature as the Shin itself.[ch. 62]

Zenom Syndicate[edit]

Zect Crescent[edit]

Zect Crescent (ゼクト クレセント?) is the leader of the Zenom (ゼノム?) Syndicate, former captain of the Stea Government first attack squad, and Ruby's father. He has betrayed Stea Government and become a treasure hunter to track down the Legendary O-Part. Died in official record but is later revealed to be a traitor and leader of the Zenom Syndicate. Zect has the nuclei of both Devil No. 5i - Asmodeus and Devil No. 6i - Belphegor within him. He has shown great control of both and is able to release to any percent he wants, but to use both he has to split the percent between them for example in chapter 73 he released Asmodeus at 70% and Belphegor at 30%. He is able to combine the powers of both for attacks. It is shown that the nuclei have greatly affected Zect's personality without someone there to keep it in check, and reverts fully back to the loving father Ruby remembers as they are taken by the fused Kabblah Shin. It is shown that he has had at least one nuclei in him since he intentionally left Ruby when she was a child and was partly the reason he left in the first place. He is sucked into Shin to help start Armageddon which was stopped by Jio. Inside Shin to save the world with the help of Jio, Cross, Zero and Ruby, they warped Shin away from Earth just as night fell disappearing into the void of space.


Kujaku (孔雀?) is the younger twin brother of Kirin and one of the Four Guardians of Zenom Organization. He is responsible for the Reverse Kabbalah project that Zenom is conducting, and is searching for the devils. He is sadistic in nature and envious about his brother's ability to use the Cyclops third eye. He is the Devil No. 8i - Adramelech. Kujaku is an OPT but is never seen using an O-part, as he usually relies on his demon powers instead. When he was a child both he and his brother were being trained by their father to become swordsman, but Kujaku could never win during sparring matches against Kirin until he found an orb hidden in his mother's grave that contained the powers of the Adramelech and used it. After that he was easily able to beat Kirin, although once his dad realized how he won the match he was appalled and was later killed by his son.

Post time-skip he made a brief appearance in front of Kaito and Shuri when they reached the Reverse Kabbalah while they were going to free Kaito's little sister from being sealed up inside of the Kabbalaha.[ch. 55] Later he fought Kirin in the mirror ruins and activated his full demon form and used an ability that causes people to go through solid objects. As Kirin began falling through the ground, he told Mei to use her cyclops eye to project him through the air. Kirin used his mouth hold his sword to slice up Kujaku's demon body. Afterwards, Kirin gave Kujaku's sword, saying it belonged to him and that their father pushed him so hard because he wanted Kujaku to be better. After seeing his name carved on the sword, Kujaku sheds tears saying "I am not alone" as Kirin walks away.[ch. 68] In Chapter 75, just as the Crew of the Orphan was about to be absorbed by Miko, Kujaku used the sword to perform the ultimate technique their father taught them to sever the tentacles and save them. Joking that Kirin was as pathetic as always, he then dies on his feet smiling.


Rock (ロック?) is one of the Four Guardians. He distrusts Kujaku and is aware of Kujaku's ambition to take control of Zenom. He is the Angel No. 5 - Samuel, and as a result has the ability to remove collected demons from the dark Kabbalah. His eye seems to have the power to detect recipes and nuclei of both Kabbalah. In battle he dual wields two pistols weapons with the effect Kerberos, which simply greatly enhancing the firepower. He carries the O-Part Twelve Watchers (12の監視(トゥエルプウォッチャー)?) on his back, which are twelve pyramid shaped pieces he controls that each emit laser beams and can intensify their power when combined into certain formations.[ch. 70] He showed his true form at the end of chapter 71, and has the nuclei of Samuel removed at the end of chapter 72


Spica (スピカ?) is one of the Four Guardians. She is very quiet and polite, addressing Cross and Ruby as "master" and "young miss". She greets Ruby and Cross kindly and politely asks them to go home, and when they tell her the exit is behind them, she cheerfully tells them that the path behind her leads to hell, scaring the two. She holds the ring O-part Fairing (フェアリング?), which is worn around her neck like a necklace, to her mouth and her personality changes completely as she angrily yells at them to not ignore her. The ring takes the words and/or sound waves and materializes giant letters spelling out the word or sound that can be used for attacking. Certain words have characteristics, such as the word "spike" creates spiky letters and the word "sticky" creates letters made from a sticky goo. She is fighting Ruby and is nearly caught by two halves of a rock moving towards her, but is accidentally saved by Futomomotaro getting caught between the rocks and becomes Futomomotaro's "wife". She and Futomomotaro often have little 'love scenes', comically scaring the rest of the crew. Spika now fights with the Crew of The Orphan because she is now 'loyal to her husband, not the Zenom'.

Franken Schultz[edit]

Franken Schultz (フランケン シュレッツ?) is a guardian that looks like a robot with a large mask for a face. The other guardians call him Mr. Franken. It is revealed that the robot is an operated O-Part and a brain inside is the O.P.T. controlling it. Franken claims to have once been an ultimate warrior, and it was his father, Professor Brownie Schultz, who turned Franken into an O.P.T. Additionally, it seems that Amidaba knows Professor Schultz. Franken has displayed very strong abilities, such as the power to spin very rapidly, destroying objects. He can shoot masks out of his mouth that fit onto people's faces and take control of their body. He can use this ability to destroy people's bodies by literally tearing them apart. It appears his O-Part can hold demons. He also keeps a number of masks that allow him to change effects when worn, such as fire and ice. He used to be a human child with a very sickly body and it was predicted that he would not live to the age of 10. His father created the O-Part body for him to allow him to live, but after Ball defeated Franken, Professor Schultz killed him, saying that Franken's brain had already reached its limit and he would have died soon anyway.


Baku (バク?) is a chief executive of Zenom Organization. Baku appears to be Jack Crescent's most trusted agent, and seems to know a great deal about the nature of the Kaballah. His O-Part is the Mask of Magma (マギマの仮面?), granting him telepathy and teleportation when used with the two other masks possessed by his son and daughter respectively. Post-timeskip, in combat he was also shown to be skilled with knife-throwing and creating illusionary duplicates of himself, although it is unknown if the illusions are the effect of an O-Part or not. During Jio's battle with Jack Crescent, Baku was possessed by Miko in order to steal the other half of the Legendary O-Part, his face even transforming into Miko's. After Miko provoked him enough, Jio punched Baku's body and sent it crashing into a wall. It is currently unknown if Baku is still alive.

Wise Yuri[edit]

Wise Yuri (ワイズ ユーリィ?), nicknamed the "Crimson Magician" (深紅の奇術師(クリムゾンマジシャン)?) is a lower-rank member of Zenom Syndicate. He infiltrated Entotsu City to monitor the excavation of the S Rank O-Part Mekisis. Being emotionally unstable, he has a tendency to kill people without hesitation, even fellow members of Zenom Syndicate, and gets a piercing on his tongue for every person he has killed. His O-Parts are two rings called Brother (ブラザー?), they each have individual effects that work in tandem: Remote Handling and a Dimension distorter. He can put his hand through the one ring and come out of the other. After Mekisis is excavated, Wise takes it over to fight Jio. He is defeated by Jio and then absorbed by Mekisis.


Museshi (ムセシ?) is a combat captain of the Syndicate. He was one of the many agents who were attacking citizens of Entotsu City while Mekisis was destroying the city. He was Ball's first real opponent in a fight after becoming an O.P.T, and ball was struggling at first, until he exploited Museshi's severe acrophobia. Museshi always bends down while walking because he thinks the distance between the sky and the ground is too far when he stands up. His O-Part is Hang (ハングとトゥースハング?).

Other characters[edit]


Shuri (シュリ?) is a chief member of the Zenom Syndicate. He joined the organization because of his deep hatred for the Stea Government after he watched his parents being murdered by government soldiers when he was a child, and because of this, he joined Zenom to overthrow the Stea Republic. His O-Part is Wraith (レイス?), and its effects are Handling and Ice. He used to believe that only material things exist, and that things such as feelings and heart were not real, and he froze his parents' bodies in ice as proof of their existence. After he fought with Jin and had his O-Part broken in the Rock Bird arc, he saw the error of his ways and left Zenom, barely escaping Kujaku, who tried to stop him by killing him. Post-timeskip his O-Part is not only repaired, but appears to have received a considerable upgrade. He is seen training with Kite and has helped Kite save Yuria, from Zenom.


Yuria (ユリア?) was first introduced during the Olympia Arc. Contrary to many English translations Yuria is not Kite sister as this is a common mistranslation. She is Kite childhood friend or more likely lovers. She was the container of Lucifuge - the No. 3i Demon until Kite used the power of his overwhelming love for her to subdue the demon and remove it from her body.


Kite (カイト?) is a participant of the Olympiad, Kite was defeated by Ball. Yuria (devil No. 3i - Lucifuge), was taken by Zenom to be placed into the reverse-Kaballah. After the time skip, he had joined forces with Shuri, and the two planned to rescue Yuria and destroy Zenom. Kite is an OPT who uses weight changing O-parts. Prior to the time skip he used The Giant's Knife (巨人のナイフ?), and later uses Heavy Metal (ヘビーメタル?), a glove that becomes a suit of armor and Kite can freely change its weight to his will after the time skip, when The Giant's Knife is destroyed.


Anna (アンナ?) is a very beautiful woman with large breasts. She is an O.P.T that participated in the Olympia/Rockbird tournament. At first, her reasons for entering the tournament appeared to be just to win at any cost, but she actually entered in order to reunite with the man she loved, who had won the Olympia tournament the last time it was held 4 years prior. Her O-Part is the cloth Tennyo (天女?), which can harden into varies objects, such as a spear or shield.

Python Jack[edit]

Python Jack (パイソン ジャック?) is a man wrapped up in bandages like a mummy who made his first appearance in the Rock Bird arc. He is a serial killer who kills just about anyone he meets just for fun. It is later revealed that he was not always like this, and used to be a regular O.P.T. who was called on by his village to try to activate a newly unearthed O-Part, Viraia (ビライヤ?). When the attempt backfired, he became extremely deformed, and the rest of his village turned on him, causing his personality to become the way it is now. He is eventually 'eaten' by Lucifuge and is later seen floating in the limbo of another dimension which is Lucifuge's stomach.


The Cyclopians (サイクロプス人?) are humanoids, and the original inhabitants of the planet. Normal humans are descendants of space travelers called Noah, that used the Kabbalah to destroy the Cyclopians. The small number of surviving Cyclopians have stayed hidden in their village ever since, and held onto one half of the Legendary O-Part.[ch. 55] While their ancestors were forced to hide from humans, the current generation bears no grudge against them, even making Jio Freed the village leader and starting trade routes with other villages for supplies and such.

Unlike Cyclops' in ancient Greek mythology, Cyclopians have two normal eyes, and a mark on the forehead. The mark will only open into a third eye for a few Cyclopians and grant them with incredible abilities. Other differences with normal humans include skin and hair color: Cyclopians have white hair and dark skin. Human/Cyclopian crossbreeds can exist, often taking after one of the parents, having either human or Cyclopian skills. A mixed child has a human skin color. Not very much is known about Cyclopian/human relations, except that it is discouraged by the Cyclopian people, possibly because of the tragedies that follow after human/Cyclopian couples have children such as Alcard, a famous crossbreed who killed 90% of the population after dominating the world, and Kujaku, who killed his own father, the brother of the village mayor and whose mother died early in his life.


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