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Russophones worldwide, who often use the Internet in Russian language

Internet in Russian (also Russian Internet (Russian: русский Интернет), known as Runet[1]) is a part of the Internet that uses the Russian language. Geographically, it reaches all continents, including Antarctica (Russian scientists on Bellingshausen Station[2]), but mostly it is based in Russia.

According to reports conducted by Yandex, Russian is the primary language of 91% of Russian websites (in Yandex's list). In the autumn of 2009, Runet contained about 15 million sites (estimated to be about 6.5% of the entire Internet).[3]

Domains with a high proportion of the Russian language include .su, .ru, .рф, .ua, .by, .kz.

Russian is used on 89.8% of .ru sites and on 88.7% of the former Soviet Union domain, .su. Russian is the most used language of websites of several countries that were part of the former Soviet Union: 79.0% in Ukraine, 86.9% in Belarus, 84.0% in Kazakhstan, 79.6% in Uzbekistan, 75.9% in Kyrgyzstan, and 81.8% in Tajikistan.[4]


The 59.7 million Russian-speaking Internet users, represent 3% of global Internet users. Russia is ranked 9th in the world[2] for number of users and 4th (with 4.8%) for number of Russian-language content.[5]

In September 2011, Russia surpassed Germany as the biggest Internet market in Europe, with 50.8 million users.[6]

In March 2013, it was announced that Russian is the second most used language on the web.[4]


Harvard University's Berkman Center conducts regular researches of Russian language web distinguished by Cyrillic encoding.[7] In particular, there are papers named "Mapping Russian Twitter",[8] "Mapping RuNet Politics and Mobilization"[9] and "RuNet Echo".[10] There are Russian internet-reviewing newspapers called TheRunet, Runetologia and others.

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