I'm Your Girl (album)

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I'm Your Girl
Studio album by S.E.S.
Released November 1, 1997
Language Korean
Producer Lee Soo-man
S.E.S. chronology
I'm Your Girl
Sea & Eugene & Shoo
(1998)Sea & Eugene & Shoo1998

I'm Your Girl is the debut studio album by South Korean girl group S.E.S., released under S.M. Entertainment on November 1, 1997. It has sold approximately 650,000 copies.[1] It spawned two singles: "I'm Your Girl" and "Oh, My Love".

Release and promotion[edit]

I'm Your Girl is the debut album by one of South Korea's "first generation" K-Pop idol groups, S.E.S. Under S.M. Entertainment's management, it was produced wholly by Lee Soo-man. Its original release was on King Records[2] with subsequent releases by Synnara Records. Today, the album is distributed by KMP Holdings.[citation needed]

The lead single, title track "I'm Your Girl" features rapping by Eric Mun and Andy Lee prior to their debut with Shinhwa.[3][4] The music video remained one of the most requested ones on popular music shows of the time for 13 to 14 weeks.[2] In 2001, the song was included on S.M. Entertainment's compilation album, "SM Best Album 2".[5] It was also included on their 2003 Japanese release of Korean songs, Beautiful Songs. A remixed version of the song, featuring Japanese rapper Kreva, then a member of Kick the Can Crew, was included on the group's second single in Japan.[6]

A second single, "Oh, My Love", was released in March 1998.[2]

Critical reception[edit]

Instead of explosive sales upon release, the album sold steadily over time.[2] In total, it has sold approximately 650,000 physical copies.[1]

According to MTV Korea, "I'm Your Girl" "quickly became the Korean schoolgirl anthem, and remains a staple song for young girls in love."[7] It has been performed on television by modern idol groups such as Girls' Generation,[8] and a parody version of its music video was created by boy group EXO.[9]

Track listing[edit]

1."('Cause) I'm Your Girl" (Feat. Eric & Andy of ShinHwa)Yoo Young-jinYoo Young-jinYoo Young-jin3:41
2."Oh, My Love"Choi Su-jeongChoi Su-jeongChoi Su-jeong3:28
3."Nonsense"Kim Yu-raKim Yu-raLee Heung-yeol3:51
4."데자부" (Deja-vu)Kim Yu-raKim Yu-raLee Heung-yeol3:40
5."Good-bye"Kim Yu-raKim Yu-raLee Heung-yeol3:58
6."완전한 이유" (Reason Why I'm Perfect)Yoo Young-jinYoo Young-jinYoo Young-jin4:30
7."친구" (Friend)Choi Su-jeongChoi Su-jeongChoi Su-jeong4:29
8."Rock'n 나라" (Rock'n Country)Choi Su-jeongChoi Su-jeongChoi Su-jeong3:48
9."오늘이 지나면" (After Today)Kim Yu-raKim Yu-raLee Heung-yeol4:24
10."그대의 향기" (Thy Fragrance; feat. Eric)Lee Soo-manKim Seong-suYoo Young-jin4:25


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