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S. Scott Bullock

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S. Scott Bullock
Stuart Scott Bullock
Other namesScott Bullock
S. Bullock
Stuart Bullock
OccupationVoice actor
Years active1984–present

Stuart Scott Bullock is an American voice actor best known for voicing Hades on Kid Icarus: Uprising, Eddy in Barnyard and its spin-off television show series Back at the Barnyard (2007-2011), and various characters on Danny Phantom (2004-2007) and My Life as a Teenage Robot (2003-2009).


Bullock is known for providing voices for characters, such as Glow Worm in The Ant Bully, King Goobot in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (replacing Patrick Stewart), Thunder in Teen Titans, Captain Bones and Lens McCracken in Crashbox, Lamont in Gargoyles, Flappy Bob from The Fairly Odd-Parents: School's Out!, and Primarch Galenth Dysley / Barthandelus in Final Fantasy XIII.

He also supplied the voice of Mr. Elliot in Invader Zim, Dash Baxter in Danny Phantom, Jean-Phillippe in My Life as a Teenage Robot, Argos Bleak in The New Adventures of Captain Planet, Flapper in Dink, the Little Dinosaur, and Dr. Damage and Emperor Bog in Butt-Ugly Martians. Bullock also appeared on camera in films and shows, such as Defending Your Life as Daniel's father and Murder, She Wrote as a taxi driver.




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