SAETA Flight 232

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SAETA Flight 232
Accident summary
Date 15 August 1976
Summary Suspected hijack
Site Chimborazo
Passengers 55
Crew 4
Fatalities 59
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Vickers Viscount 785D
Operator SAETA
Flight origin Quito, Ecuador
Destination Cuenca, Ecuador

On 15 August 1976, SAETA Flight 232 en route from Quito, Ecuador, to Cuenca was reported missing while in flight. The SAETA-operated Vickers Viscount 785D carried 55 passengers and 4 crew members.

Searches of the possible crash area produced no results. A mid-route crash on the stratovolcano Chimborazo was considered to be most probable, though some speculated a guerrilla hijacking.[1]

The plane was not found for 26 years. In February 2003 the aircraft and the bodies of all its 59 occupants were found by Ecuadorian climbers who were exploring a new route to Chimborazo's summit.[2]


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