SCORE Class 5-1600

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SCORE Class 5-1600 race vehicle

SCORE Class 5-1600 is open wheel limited Baja Bug class that competes in the SCORE off-road race series races including the Baja 1000, Baja 500, San Felipe 250, Primm 300 and the Laughlin Desert Challenge.

Vehicle description[edit]

Vehicle must be a VW Sedan Type 1 Hardtop or sunroof as delivered from the factory. Vehicle must have the external appearance of a "Baja Bug".

No Convertibles, 181 Safari's, 900 series Porsche's, or Karmann Ghias are included in this class.

Class requirements[edit]


Engine must utilize VW series type 1, 1600cc, US model sedan components and dimensions. Displacement is limited to 1600cc.


Front suspension must be either VW Type 1, 181 ball joint or link pin only. Rear suspension is based on VW Type 1 IRS or swing axle.


Vehicles must have an external appearance of a Baja Bug. Original wheelbase must be maintained.

Notable race teams[edit] - Greg Crouch, Kay Crouch, with Racer Services (Paul Mischel).


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