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South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL)
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015 SEABL season
SEABL Logo.jpg
SEABL logo
Sport Basketball
Founded 1981 as SEBL
President Simon Brookhouse
No. of teams M: 15
W: 14
Country  Australia
Continent FIBA Oceania (Oceania)
Most recent champion(s) M: Mount Gambier Pioneers
W: Brisbane Lady Spartans
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The South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL) is a semi-professional basketball league in Australia. Formerly part of the Australian Basketball Association (ABA), the SEABL is considered the strongest second-tiered basketball league in the country, developing many emerging Australian Boomers players, as well as fostering a highly competitive second-tier competition under the National Basketball League (NBL). The league boasts teams from every state or territory other than Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Current clubs[edit]

Men's clubs[edit]

Women's clubs[edit]

  • Albury Wodonga Lady Bandits
  • Ballarat Lady Miners
  • Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence
  • Bendigo Lady Braves
  • Brisbane Lady Spartans
  • Canberra Capitals
  • Dandenong Lady Rangers
  • Frankston Lady Blues
  • Geelong Lady Supercats
  • Hobart Lady Chargers
  • Kilsyth Lady Cobras
  • Launceston Tornadoes
  • Nunawading Lady Spectres
  • Sandringham Lady Sabres


In 1981, the South Eastern Basketball League (SEBL) was born when the Australian Club Championships ceased to operate due to the rise of Australia's first truly national competition, the National Basketball League (NBL). The SEBL consisted of an East and South Conference from 1986 to 1993, when in 1994 a North Conference from Queensland was added to the league. The SEBL was subsequently renamed the Continental Basketball Association (CBA), an association which consisted of three conferences and conducted an annual Finals series at the end of the year with the top teams from all three conferences. In 1998, a Central Conference from South Australia became the fourth CBA conference.

The CBA was later renamed the Australian Basketball Association (ABA) for the 1999 season, and subsequently added a Big V Conference (from Victoria) in 2000 and a Waratah Conference (from New South Wales) in 2001. The following year, the East and South Conferences were formerly combined into the South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL), and the remaining four conferences were devised into formal leagues as well – Big V, Waratah League, Central ABL and Queensland ABL.

Life members
  • 1988 – Patricia Pitts
  • 1989 – Ken Watson
  • 1990 – Jason Placas
  • 1992 – Chris Charles (deceased)
  • 1999 – Max Brisbane
  • 2003 – Pat Tilden
  • 2003 – Glenise Clarke
  • 2003 – Barbara Barton

Past champions[edit]

Year East Men South Men Women
1981 Geelong Cats
1982 Frankston Bears
1983 Melbourne Tigers
1984 Chelsea Gulls
1985 Kilsyth Cobras
1986 Dandenong Rangers Newcastle Hunters
1987 Adelaide Buffaloes Ballarat Miners
1988 Bulleen Boomers Bendigo Braves
1989 Bulleen Boomers Ballarat Miners
1990 Bendigo Braves Ballarat Miners Dandenong Rangers
1991 Ballarat Miners Knox Raiders Dandenong Rangers
1992 Bayside Blues NE Melbourne Arrows Knox Raiders
1993 Sydney City Comets Bayside Blues Frankston Blues
1994 Knox Raiders Broadmeadows Broncos Knox Raiders
1995 Nunawading Spectres Frankston Blues Launceston Tornadoes
1996 Knox Raiders NW Tasmania Originals Knox Raiders
1997 Dandenong Rangers Hobart Chargers Frankston Blues
1998 Frankston Blues Hobart Chargers Kilsyth Cobras
1999 Kilsyth Cobras Geelong Supercats Bendigo Braves
2000 Frankston Blues Hobart Chargers Bendigo Braves
2001 Albury Wodonga Bandits Ballarat Miners Dandenong Rangers
2002 Australian Institute of Sport Hobart Chargers Kilsyth Cobras
2003 Canberra Gunners Mount Gambier Pioneers Bendigo Braves
2004 Dandenong Rangers NW Tasmania Thunder Frankston Blues
2005 Geelong Supercats Bendigo Braves Ballarat Miners
2006 Geelong Supercats Knox Raiders Bendigo Braves
2007 Geelong Supercats Bendigo Braves Bendigo Braves
2008 Knox Raiders Hobart Chargers Kilsyth Cobras
2009 Knox Raiders Frankston Blues Brisbane Spartans
2010 Bendigo Braves Geelong Supercats Dandenong Rangers
2011 Bendigo Braves Nunawading Spectres Dandenong Rangers
2012 Dandenong Rangers Albury Wodonga Bandits Dandenong Rangers
2013 Dandenong Rangers Mount Gambier Pioneers Knox Raiders
2014 Nunawading Spectres Mount Gambier Pioneers Brisbane Spartans
  • Bolding indicates the winner of the overall SEABL championship

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