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Sm*sh crop.jpg
SM*SH in 2013
Background information
Origin Bandung, Indonesia
Genres Pop, dance-pop, K-pop
Years active 2010–2016
Labels StarSignal, Ancora Music, Nagaswara
Past members Morgan

SM*SH or Seven Man as Seven Heroes, (Indonesian pronunciation: [smɛs] or English pronunciation: /ˈsmæʃ/), is a boy band from Indonesia, founded by Starsignal on April 10, 2010.[1][2] This boy-band consists of Rafael, Rangga, Morgan, Bisma, Dicky, Reza, and Ilham.[3] Together, they perform songs that are pop-dance oriented.[4] The name SM*SH stands for "Seven Man as Seven Heroes", heroes meaning that they want to young people by bringing positive spirits through their song. The letter "A" that's replaced by the star symbol was inspired by the name of their management, Starsignal. Currently, SM*SH is also working under the "Ancora Music" label since the mid 2011. Their first studio album that was released worldwide is titled SM*SH (self-titled). Their well-known singles, include "I Heart You", "Senyum Semangat", and "Ada Cinta". SM*SH has changed the Indonesian music industry by popularizing the boy-band culture in the year 2011. Now, the Indonesian music industry is dominated by various boy-bands and also girl-bands. Up until recently, SM*SH had received eight awards and two nominations in 2011, including two awards from the Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2011.[5]


2010: Early form[edit]

Starsignal included them in a 5-months training camp, where they sharpened their singing, dancing, and public speaking ability.[6] Early in their career, SM*SH also took part in the dancing competition held by Cinta Laura, and become the background dancers in Laura's single.[6] Later in October 2010, they released their debut single, titled "I Heart You".[7][8] The song was then rearranged by the artists, and changed into "Cenat Cenut". Both of the 2 songs are controversial due to their energetic video clips[9]

2011: SM*SH and Cinta Cenat Cenut[edit]

Cinta Cenat Cenut is the first television series, starring the members of the SM*SH alone, and they became the main character in this series. The show is aired on Trans TV since February 18, 2011. In this series, SM*SH acted with other Indonesian artists, such as Natasha Rizki and Zaneta Georgina.[10][11] Because of this, they started getting advertising contracts from Telkomsel, and they also become the face of 'Sosis So Nice' advertisements.[12][13] On April 10, 2011, they celebrated their first anniversary in "Hip Hip Hura Tolak Angin Karnaval SCTV 2011", which took place in the field Lumintang Denpasar, Bali. Despite the unfortunate weather conditions, the fans of SM*SH, "(Sm*shblast)", remained ecstatically shouting and singing along.[14] On March 6, 2011, SM*SH released a second single, entitled "Senyum Semangat". Their first live performance of this eurodance song was aired by "Inbox" SCTV. Consequently, this song reach the top on the charts Indonesia.[15]

In the event Indonesia music awards, "SCTV Music Awards 2011", SM*SH was invited to read the nomination for "New Arrivals Album Duo/Group". They also performed their single, "I Heart You", with another well-known Indonesian singer, Afgan. Apart from that, they also sang "Senyum Semangat".[16] At the launch of their official website, (Sm*shblast) www., they said that they're in the process of writing new songs and recording their upcoming album.[17] On June 26, 2011, SM*SH released his first studio album, titled SM*SH-named as its own name or so-called self-titled.[18][19] The album contains 10 songs including 4 recycled songs.[20][21] SM*SH debut album were also sold in Indonesian outlets of KFC.

In October 2011, SM*SH released their debut album in Malaysia and Singapore to achieve success abroad, especially in Southeast Asia.[22] On October 30, 2011, SM*SH held a mini concert, titled "SMASH Untukmu Indonesia". The concert was held at the Arena Sports Mall Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. After the success of their TV series, they're coming back for a second season, Cinta Cenat Cenut 2. The second season began airing in TransTV on December 3, at 8.30 pm.[23][24]

In 2012, SM*SH is planning on going worldwide with their music.[25]

2013: Morgan leaving SM*SH and won Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Morgan announced he was leaving SM*SH in October, and he moved to be as actor for soap opera Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan the series with Nikita Willy. In November 22, they won Mnet Asian Music Awards as the Best Asian Artist in Indonesia region


Full name Stage name Birthplace and date Years Aktif
Handi Morgan Winata Morgan Singkawang, (1990-05-25) May 25, 1990 (age 26) 2010-2013
Rafael Landry Tanubrata Rafael Garut, (1986-11-16) November 16, 1986 (age 30) 2010-2016
Rangga Dewamoela Rangga Voorburg, Netherlands, (1988-01-06) January 6, 1988 (age 29) 2010-2016
Bisma Karisma Bisma Bandung, (1990-11-27) November 27, 1990 (age 26) 2010-2016
Dicky Muhammad Prasetya Dicky Bandung, (1993-06-18) June 18, 1993 (age 23) 2010-2016
Muhammad Reza Anugrah Reza Kendari, (1994-03-21) March 21, 1994 (age 23) 2010-2016
Muhammad Ilham Fauzi Ilham Kendari, (1995-08-29) August 29, 1995 (age 21) 2010-2016


Studio album
  • SM*SH (2011)
  • Step Forward (2012)
Title Year Peak chart position Album
"I Heart You" 2010 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 SM*SH
"Senyum Semangat" 2011 1 3 3 1 1 1 1 1
"Aku Cinta Kau dan Dia" 1 2 16 Bebi Romeo Various Artist
"Ada Cinta" 1 2 1 1 SM*SH
"Pahat Hati" 2012 1 Step Forward
"Rindu Ini" 2013 1
"Selalu Tentang Kamu" 1
"Hello" (feat. Stacy) 1 N/A
Music video
Year Single Director
2010 "I Heart You" Dean Medi
2011 "Senyum Semangat"
"Ada Cinta" Upie Guava
2012 "Pahat Hati" Archie Hekagery
2013 "Rindu Ini" Sakti Marendra
"Selalu Tentang Kamu" Rizky Lubis


Year Title Episode Production
2011 Cinta Cenat Cenut[33] 13 "Transinema Pictures" (TransTV)
SM*SH Ngabuburit[34] 28 SCTV
Cinta Cenat Cenut 2[35] 13 "Transinema Pictures" (TransTV)
2012 Cinta Cenat Cenut 3[36] 11 "Transcinema Pictures" (TransTV)

Awards and nominations[edit]


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