Safe in a Room/White Butterfly

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Safe in a Room/White Butterfly EP
EP Cover
EP by InMe
Released 19 December 2005
Recorded 2005
Genre Post-grunge, alternative metal
Length 28:07
Label V2 Records: Pandora's Box Records
Producer Josh Abraham

"Safe in a Room"/"White Butterfly" is an extended play released by Essex alternative metal band InMe from the album White Butterfly. In addition to the songs "White Butterfly" and "Safe In A Room", it contains songs from the band's performance at the 2005 Download Festival. It was released on 19 December 2005 and reached number 36 in the UK Download Chart.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Safe in a Room"
  2. "White Butterfly"
  3. "7 Weeks" (Live) *
  4. "Mosaic" (Live) *
  5. "Neptune" (Live) *
  6. "Just a Glimpse" (Live) *
  7. "Lava Twilight" (Live) *

* From the 2005 Download Festival