Saint Peter, Guernsey

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Not to be confused with St. Peter Port.
Saint Pierre Du Bois
Location of Saint Pierre Du Bois in Guernsey
Location of Saint Pierre Du Bois in Guernsey
Coordinates: 49°26′28″N 2°38′28″W / 49.44111°N 2.64111°W / 49.44111; -2.64111Coordinates: 49°26′28″N 2°38′28″W / 49.44111°N 2.64111°W / 49.44111; -2.64111
Crown Dependency Guernsey, Channel Islands
 • Electoral district West
 • Total 6.2 km2 (2.4 sq mi)
 • Total 2,188
 • Density 350/km2 (910/sq mi)
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) UTC+01 (UTC)

St Peter's (Guernesiais: Saint Pierre), known officially as Saint Pierre du Bois (English: "St. Peter in the Wood") is a parish in Guernsey. It is the centre for the Guernsey Western Parishes which includes Torteval, St Saviour's and the Forest.

The old Guernesiais nickname for people from Saint Pierre was etcherbaots which means beetles.


The parish is located in the West of the Island and has borders with the parishes of Torteval, St. Saviour's, Forest and St. Andrew's.

The parish is mainly countryside with a small village in the centre. The parish church is one of the most unusual in the islands as it is built at the bottom of a small valley and the interior of the church is not flat but diagonal in appearance. The Parish Church is a short distance away from the western community centre usually known as "Styx".

Notable people[edit]


Fort Grey

The coastline includes:

Le Creux es Faies neolithic passage grave can be found on the L'Eree headland. In local folk lore it is said to be one of the entrances to fairy land.