Sanjukta Mukti Fouj

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For other uses of "SMF", see SMF (disambiguation).
Sanjukta Mukti Fouj
Abbreviation SMF
Formation March 16, 1996
Type Guerrilla
Legal status Outlawed
Region served
Official language
Assamese, English
Parent organization

Sanjukta Mukti Fouj (SMF) (Assamese: সংযুক্ত মুক্তি ফৌজ) is the military wing of the banned outfit ULFA in Assam, India. It was formed on March 16, 1996. It has three full-fledged battalions – the 7th, 28th and 709th with allocated spheres of operation in HQ- Sukhni, Tinsukia/Dibrugarh and Kalikhota respectively.[1][2] The rest of the battalions are said to exist only on papers.[1]


This is a list of the battalions along with their allocated operation-spheres.[1]

Name Led by Company Spheres of Operation
7th Battalion HQ - Sukhni
8th Battalion Nagaon
Karbi Anglong
9th Battalion Golaghat
11th Battalion Kamrup
27th Battalion Barpeta
28th Battalion Tapan Baruah
Mrinal Hazarika
Prabal Neog
Bijay Chinese
Alpha, Bravo & Charlie Tinsukia
109th Battalion Drishti Rajkhowa
709th Battalion Heera Saraniya Kalikhola

Ceasefire of 28th Battalion[edit]

On June 24, 2008, the A and C company of ULFA’s 28th battalion offered unilateral ceasefire and renamed themselves as “ULFA (Pro-Talk)”. This battalion is considered as the backbone of the outfit.[3][4]

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