Sanjukta Mukti Fouj

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Sanjukta Mukti Fouj
Abbreviation SMF
Formation March 16, 1996
Type Guerrilla
Legal status Outlawed
Region served
Official language
Assamese, English
Parent organization

Sanjukta Mukti Fouj (SMF) (Assamese: সংযুক্ত মুক্তি ফৌজ) is the military wing of the banned outfit ULFA in Assam, India. It was formed on March 16, 1996. It has three full-fledged battalions – the 7th, 28th and 709th with allocated spheres of operation in HQ- Sukhni, Tinsukia/Dibrugarh and Kalikhota respectively.[1][2] The rest of the battalions are said to exist only on papers.[1]


This is a list of the battalions along with their allocated operation-spheres.[1]

Name Led by Company Spheres of Operation
7th Battalion HQ - Sukhni
8th Battalion Nagaon
Karbi Anglong
9th Battalion Golaghat
11th Battalion Kamrup
27th Battalion Barpeta
28th Battalion Tapan Baruah
Mrinal Hazarika
Prabal Neog
Bijay Chinese
Alpha, Bravo & Charlie Tinsukia
109th Battalion Drishti Rajkhowa
709th Battalion Heera Saraniya Kalikhola

Ceasefire of 28th Battalion[edit]

On June 24, 2008, the A and C company of ULFA’s 28th battalion offered unilateral ceasefire and renamed themselves as “ULFA (Pro-Talk)”. This battalion is considered as the backbone of the outfit.[3][4]

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