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Sarlanagar is a city near Maihar where the employees of Maihar Cement reside. It is named after Smt. Sarla Birla, wife of Shri B.K. Birla, who owns B.K. Birla Group of companies, which owns Maihar Cement.

It is split into three branches:

  1. Staff Colony, where the Maihar Cement staff resides
  2. Workers Colony (Hanthikund Colony), often called Bank Colony due to the branch of UCO Bank opened there
  3. Mines Colony, where the people of the Mines Division reside


There are two branches of school split into Hindi Medium and English Medium.

Sarla Higher Secondary. School It is a co-educational school and it is situated in Madhya Pradesh. The school is affiliated to CBSE BOARD AJMER.

Safety and environment[edit]

Every year safety day is celebrated here, where a huge debates and resolutions about safety is taken. Children write and draw beautiful slogans, picture and articles. People also perform various acts as to spread awareness to the people. at last, a cartoon of impacts of accidents is burnt.


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