Saskatchewan general election, 1921

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Saskatchewan general election, 1921
← 1917 June 9, 1921 (1921-06-09) 1925 →

63 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
32 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  William Melville Martin.jpg
Leader William Martin Donald Maclean
Party Liberal Progressive Conservative
Leader since 1916 1917
Leader's seat Regina City
Last election 51 pre-creation 7
Seats won 45 6 2
Seat change –6 +6 –5
Popular vote 92,983 13,613 7,133
Percentage 51.4% 7.5% 3.9%
Swing –5.3pp +7.5pp –32.4pp

Premier before election

William Martin


William Martin

The Saskatchewan general election of 1921 was the fifth provincial election held in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It was held on June 9, 1921 to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

The Liberal Party of Saskatchewan of Premier William M. Martin was re-elected – although with a diminished share of the popular vote, and a reduced caucus in the legislature.

The opposition Conservative Party – led by Donald McLean – fractured: it nominated only seven candidates, and won only two seats. Its share of the popular vote fell from about 36% to less than 4%.

It appears that many Conservatives ran as independents or Independent Conservatives. These two groups won over 29% of the vote, and voters elected a total of eight Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) under these banners.

The Progressive Party of Saskatchewan made its first appearance, winning six of the seven ridings that it contested.


Party Party Leader # of
Seats Popular Vote
1917 Elected % Change Votes % % Change
  Liberal William M. Martin 60 51 45 -11.77% 92,983 51.39% -5.29%
  Independent 35 1 7 +500% 46,556 25.73% +23.37%
Progressive 7 * 6 * 13,613 7.52% *
  Conservative Donald Maclean 4 7 2 -71.4% 7,133 3.94% -32.36%
  Independent Conservative 3 * 1 +1000% 6,295 3.48% *
  Independent Pro-Government 1 * 1 * Acclamation *
Labour William G. Baker
3 - 1 +1000% 6,034 3.34% +2.55%
Nonpartisan League 3 - - - 3,735 2.06% -1.81%
  Independent Labour 1 * * 1,690 0.93% *
  Government 1 * * 1,510 0.84% *
  Independent Nonpartisan League 1 * * 1,400 0.77% *
Sub-total 119 59 63 +6.8% 180,949 100%  
Soldiers' vote (Province at large) 0 3 - -3000% - - -6.77%
Total 119 62 63 180,949 100%  
Source: Elections Saskatchewan

Note: * Party did not nominate candidates in previous election.

Members of the Legislative Assembly elected[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts

5th Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly
  District Member Party
  Arm River George A. Scott Liberal
  Bengough Thomas Gamble Liberal
  Biggar John Meikle Progressive
  Cannington Robert Douglas Liberal
  Canora Albert Hermanson Liberal
  Cut Knife William Dodds Liberal
  Cypress Henry Halvorson Liberal
  Elrose Wilbert Hagarty Liberal
  Estevan Robert Dunbar Liberal
  Francis Walter Robinson Liberal
  Gravelbourg William Cummings Independent
  Hanley Ernest Ketcheson Liberal
  Happyland Stephen Morrey Liberal
  Humboldt Henry Therres Liberal
  Île-à-la-Crosse Joseph Nolin Liberal
  Jack Fish Lake Donald Finlayson Liberal
  Kerrobert John Dowd Liberal
  Kindersley William Harvey Progressive
  Kinistino John R. Taylor Liberal
  Last Mountain Samuel Latta Liberal
  Lloydminster Robert J. Gordon Liberal
  Lumsden William Vancise Liberal
  Maple Creek Peter Hyde Liberal
  Melfort George B. Johnston Liberal
  Milestone Bernard Larson Liberal
  Moose Jaw City #1 William George Baker Labour
  Moose Jaw City #2 James Pascoe Independent Conservative
  Moose Jaw County Charles Dunning Liberal
  Moosomin John Salkeld Conservative
  Morse John Maharg Independent Pro-Government
  North Qu'Appelle James Garfield Gardiner Liberal
  Notukeu George Spence Liberal
  Pelly Sarah Ramsland Liberal
  Pheasant Hills James Arthur Smith Liberal
  Pipestone William John Patterson Liberal
  Prince Albert Charles M. McDonald Liberal
  Redberry George Cockburn Independent
  Regina City #1 William Martin Liberal
  Regina City #2 James Albert Cross Liberal
  Rosetown John Andrew Wilson Liberal
  Rosthern John Uhrich Liberal
  Saltcoats George Sahlmark Liberal
  Saskatoon City #1 Harris Turner Independent
  Saskatoon City #2 Archibald Peter McNab Liberal
  Saskatoon County Charles Agar Progressive
  Shellbrook Edgar Clinch Liberal
  Souris John Patrick Gordon Conservative
  South Qu'Appelle Donald H. McDonald Independent
  Swift Current David Sykes Independent
  The Battlefords Allan Pickel Liberal
  Thunder Creek William J. F. Warren Progressive
  Tisdale Hugh Jones Liberal
  Touchwood John M. Parker Liberal
  Turtleford Archibald Gemmell Liberal
  Vonda James Hogan Liberal
  Wadena William Henry McKinnon Progressive
  Weyburn Charles Hamilton Liberal
  Wilkie Sidney Bingham Progressive
  Willow Bunch Abel Hindle Liberal
  Wolseley William George Bennett Independent
  Wynyard George Wilson Robertson Independent
  Yorkton Thomas Garry Liberal

August 9, 1921[edit]

  District Member Party
  Cumberland George Langley Liberal

Note:George Langley was acclaimed on August 9, 1921 as no other candidate stepped forward during the election.


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