Saul and David (painting)

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Saul and David by Rembrandt Mauritshuis 621.jpg

Saul and David is a painting by Rembrandt and/or his studio, now in the Mauritshuis and dated to between 1651 and 1658.

The painting depicts Saul, the king of the Israelites. He is visually touched by the harp playing. The depicted situation comes from the first Bible book Samuel 16:14-23 and 18:8-11, in which King Saul is abandoned by the holy spirit, and god sent him an evil spirit. It taunted Saul, only David's harp playing relaxed him. Which David got hired for. Later David marries one of Saul's daughters and he followed Saul as King of the Israelites.

The painting used to be bigger but in the 19th century, the canvas was cut, into two unequal pieces. Possibly to be sold, as separate paintings. The pieces were later reattached to each other.